USA Today Poll: 41% of Democrats Want Joe Biden to Quit


A recent USA Today/Ipsos poll reveals that a significant portion of Democratic voters are growing disenchanted with President Joe Biden, with 41% expressing that they would prefer he steps aside ahead of the 2024 presidential election. The poll highlights increasing concerns over Biden’s age and performance, contributing to a wavering confidence among his core supporters.

Conducted between June 28 and July 1, 2024, the survey sampled 1,019 U.S. adults, including 856 registered voters. The results show a notable decline in enthusiasm for Biden within his own party, with a majority of respondents indicating a desire for a fresh candidate to lead the Democratic ticket​​.

Biden's approval ratings have been slipping steadily, now standing at 37%, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll. This marginal increase from the previous month's low of 36% still reflects significant dissatisfaction. Issues such as the economy, immigration, and foreign conflicts weigh heavily on voters' minds, with many perceiving Biden’s handling of these matters as inadequate​.

The poll also shows that 64% of Democratic voters do not want Biden to run for a second term, with 94% of Democrats under 30 years old seeking a different nominee. The president's age remains a critical factor, particularly among older Democrats who are most concerned about his capacity to lead effectively​.

Economic issues continue to be the foremost concern for voters, with inflation and job performance being critical factors in their discontent. The survey revealed that 58% of voters rated the current economy as poor, while only a small fraction considered it to be in good or excellent condition​​. This sentiment is echoed across party lines, further compounding Biden's challenges as he seeks to rally support.

The growing unease within the Democratic Party has fueled speculations about potential primary challenges. Historical precedents show that sitting presidents facing primary challengers often struggle in subsequent general elections. Experts suggest that if Biden's approval ratings continue to languish, it could embolden other Democratic leaders to position themselves as viable alternatives​.

Despite the grim polling numbers, the White House remains focused on its legislative agenda, emphasizing bipartisan achievements in infrastructure and gun control. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre downplayed the significance of poll fluctuations, asserting that the administration's priorities lie in addressing pressing national issues rather than reacting to polling data​​.

As the 2024 election approaches, Biden's campaign strategy will need to address these growing concerns within his party. The president’s ability to regain trust and demonstrate effective leadership will be crucial in determining whether he can secure a second term or if the Democratic Party will pivot to new leadership​​.


  1. Whats the matter with the other 59% of the democrats? Are they really able to be trusted to vote responsibly? Winning for the sake of winning is not a good reason if your candidate is going to endanger the nation or possibly the rest of the world!Personally think that most democrats should just sit out the 24 election and do some serious soul searching before getting politically involved again!

  2. Biden is bad, embarrassing to America, but Harris is even worse, she can’t even put together a whole comprehensive sentence, she just mixes up whatever words come into her 40 IQ mind! America is TIRED of the inept administration that is at the head of our Country, and we’re sick of being embarrassed in the face of the world arena! We NEED A REAL LEADER to stop America from circling the drain as it is now. Our allies are shaking their heads, and our enemies are gloating, and planning control of America!


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