New York Congressional Candidate Who Wants MAGA Supporters to “Die”


The political landscape in New York has been shaken by a shocking statement from a Democrat congressional candidate, one that has sparked outrage and disbelief among conservatives. In a recent interview, the candidate boldly declared that supporters of former President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement should "die".

While the statement has been met with fierce criticism, it has also revealed the deep-seated biases and radical agendas of the left. As a conservative, it is imperative to shed light on this disturbing incident and examine its implications from our point of view.

First and foremost, let us address the blatant bigotry and hatred behind the candidate's words. It is appalling to see a political figure openly calling for the death of a particular group of individuals, solely based on their political beliefs. This goes against the very principles of democracy and tolerance that our country was founded upon. It is unacceptable and must be condemned by all, regardless of their political affiliation.

Furthermore, the fact that this candidate is a Democrat only highlights the growing extremism within the party. While conservatives have long been labeled as intolerant and divisive, it is evident that the left is also plagued by individuals who promote violence and discrimination towards those with different viewpoints. This is a concerning trend that must be addressed, as it undermines the basic principles of a fair and just society.

Moreover, it is important to note the underlying agenda of this candidate and others like her. By advocating for the death of MAGA supporters, she is essentially trying to silence and intimidate those who hold different beliefs. This is a clear attack on our right to freedom of speech and expression, and it cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. Conservatives must continue to stand firm in our beliefs and refuse to be silenced by such hateful rhetoric.

In addition, the candidate's statement exposes the double standards of the left. Imagine the uproar if a conservative candidate had made a similar comment about supporters of the Democratic party. The media and liberal activists would have immediately labeled them as a "racist" or "fascist", yet when it comes from one of their own, it is brushed off and defended. This blatant hypocrisy must be called out and exposed.

Furthermore, it is clear that this candidate is out of touch with the majority of Americans. Despite what the mainstream media may portray, the MAGA movement has millions of supporters across the country, and they cannot simply be dismissed or wished away. As a conservative, I firmly believe that every individual has the right to their own beliefs and opinions, and that includes those who support President Trump and his policies.

In conclusion, the recent statement from this New York congressional candidate is a stark reminder of the deep divisions within our society and the dangers of political extremism. As conservatives, we must continue to stand up against such hate and intolerance, and promote unity and understanding among all Americans. It is our duty to ensure that our country remains a beacon of freedom and democracy, where every voice is heard and respected. Let us not be silenced, but instead, let our voices be heard loud and clear – MAGA will not die.

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  1. I am 88years young and have seen a lot of crap in my lifetime but nothing as hateful as today. We are in Avery frightening period of time and we better start waking up or we will no longer be the best in the world. Free speech is one thing and downright hate is something else. God help us.

  2. The hypocrisy of the Left astounds me daily. They want to KILL their babies, yet refuse to admit they are babies. They speak hate and murder with ZERO consequences!

    • Over 70% of Americans believe in abortion in some circumstances.
      If all these people were democrats, we wouldn’t even need to hold elections. Quit stereotyping everyone into right or left. That only exacerbates y
      The problems

  3. One thing you need to consider there snowflake, the MAGA people are the ones with the guns. We have them and know how to use them, you Demoncrats supposedly hate guns so come see how they work we will be happy to show you.

  4. We fought the abortion issues in the 70’s, and we will fight it again and again. Women will not tolerate any man dictating what a woman “must” do according to MEN…NOT HAPPENING PERIOD!

    • Abortion is not health care, it’s infanticide. During the Clinton Presidency abortion was claimed to be legal and supposed to be rare. Instead , it’s being used as after the fact birth control. If you don’t want to use “protection “ then keep your legs crossed. There is no justification for the number of abortions done in this country in the name of choice. What choice does the fetus have? And abortion is obviously not health are for it!

  5. What you said,’every individual has the right to their own beliefs and opinions.’ I can’t add anything on to that.

  6. You know damn good and well he won’t be out there killing MAGA folks.
    Put your money where you mouth is or shut the hell up.

  7. What is sad here is that nothing will happen to this person because of his political party and leanings . Had a conservative , right wing politician made a statement like this person it would be front page news in bold type and that individual arrested as well as harassed by every media source in America .

  8. Biden has caused his hatred toward trump to cause a pandemic across America with his’s spread across the media. Kids killing kids,,hatred toward each other..

  9. As the article states, the most hateful and intolerant group in this country are the Democrats. They can not atand an opinion that is contrary to their own. Look at ANTIFA , an organization that is the violent off shoots of the Democrat party. There is no conservative equivalent burning down cities, looting, vandalizing and assaulting opponents.


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