New Poll Shows Trump Closing In on Biden in 2024 Race


A recent poll has revealed that former President Donald Trump is within striking distance of President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. According to an Emerson College Poll, Trump holds a narrow lead over Biden with 46% of the vote compared to Biden's 45%, highlighting a competitive race as both candidates gear up for their respective campaigns.

The survey, conducted from June 4-5, 2024, underscores a tight race with only 9% of voters remaining undecided. Interestingly, when these undecided voters are prompted to lean towards a candidate, the race splits evenly at 50% for both Trump and Biden. This indicates a highly polarized electorate with potential swings in either direction as the election approach.

Trump’s support has remained stable despite his recent legal troubles, including a conviction on 34 felony counts. The poll shows that 40% of voters believe Trump should face prison time for his conviction, while 33% say it does not impact their support, and 27% feel more inclined to vote for him. This division reflects the broader national sentiment regarding Trump's legal issues and their impact on his political standing.

In Florida, another poll by Fox News reveals that Trump maintains a slight lead over Biden, with 50% to Biden’s 46%. Florida, a key battleground state, has shown increasing Republican support in recent years, making Biden's competitive standing notable. The state's shifting dynamics and the Republican voter registration advantage present significant challenges for Biden’s campaign.

Moreover, Biden's support among crucial demographic groups, particularly Hispanic and Black voters in Florida, appears to be waning. The Fox News poll indicates that Biden's lead among Hispanic voters has shrunk to just 2 points, down from a 6-point advantage in 2020. Among Black voters, Biden’s lead stands at 69% to Trump’s 29%, a significant drop from the 89% support he received in the previous election.

The national poll by Emerson College also highlights key issues driving voter sentiment. The economy remains the top concern, with 42% of voters identifying it as the most important issue, followed by immigration and threats to democracy. These issues are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping voter preferences as both candidates outline their policy positions and campaign strategies.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Biden’s campaign has found some solace in certain policy areas. For instance, proposed constitutional amendments in Florida regarding abortion rights and recreational marijuana have garnered significant support, with 69% and two-thirds of voters respectively favoring these measures. This voter support could potentially bolster Democratic turnout in the state come November.

As the 2024 election draws nearer, both Trump and Biden are focusing on consolidating their bases and swaying undecided voters. The close polling figures reflect a deeply divided electorate and set the stage for a highly competitive and contentious election season.


  1. I do not believe democrats can be trusted with ANYTHING! They have proved how corrupt they are when it comes to the way they treat Trump. But when republicans do the same to biden they cry like babies. biden has ruined this country bad enough. We simply can’t afford for him to do more damage then he already has. I have no respect for biden. I will not capitalize his name. He is not worthy of respect. He is not trustworthy. We must get rid of him. His whole family is so corrupt, he deserves much worse treatment than he gave to Trump. I hope he gets what he deserves. Yes thatn is my honest opinion.


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