James Woods Sounds Alarm on Potential Security Threats from Biden’s Open Border Policy


Renowned Hollywood actor and conservative figure, James Woods, recently voiced his concerns over the potential security threats posed by Biden’s open border policy. Woods warned of a ‘Hamas-like’ army silently crossing the southern border of the United States every day.

Woods’ warning comes in the wake of the recent attacks launched by Hamas on Israel. He suggests the liberal focus on intelligence failures that led to these attacks overlooks a more immediate threat to American security – the influx of illegal immigrants across the open southern border.

According to Woods, the open border policy of the Biden administration allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the U.S., including thousands of military-age men from hostile countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria. This, he argues, puts all Americans at risk.

The Department of Homeland Security under Biden’s administration has reportedly failed to deport more than 99 percent of illegal aliens arriving in the country. This information was revealed in a report from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Tom McClintock.

In a tweet, Woods expressed his concern, stating, “Pundits are wailing about intelligence failures that led to the terrorist slaughter perpetrated by Hamas against children and women.”

“Yet not one liberal apologist has considered that an equivalent silent army is surely walking across Biden’s non-existent border every day.”

The actor’s comments highlight the growing concern among many Americans about the potential security risks associated with the current administration’s immigration policies. Critics argue the government lacks sufficient knowledge about the individuals entering the country, posing a significant security risk.

James Woods’ warning serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of lax border control. As the debate around immigration policies continues, it is crucial to consider the potential security implications and prioritize the safety of American citizens right away.