Investigative Reporter Ben Bergquam Challenges Congressman Ruben Gallego on Border Security


In a recent encounter in Washington, D.C., investigative reporter Ben Bergquam confronted Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) with hard-hitting questions about the state of the southern border. Bergquam, known for his fearless approach to journalism, questioned Gallego about his stance on border security, asking him if he was “paid off by the cartels or selling out America for free.”

Gallego, who is running for the U.S. Senate in 2024, has been a vocal advocate for open borders. His position has drawn criticism from conservatives who argue that such policies undermine national security and contribute to illegal immigration. Bergquam’s confrontation with Gallego underscores the growing divide between Democrats and Republicans on this critical issue.

Bergquam’s questioning of Gallego was not limited to the congressman’s political stance. He also asked Gallego about his potential competition in the upcoming Senate race, specifically Kari Lake, a Trump ally who is also vying for the seat. Lake, who holds an early lead in a hypothetical three-way general election, has been outspoken about her opposition to open borders and has criticized Gallego for his stance.

The confrontation between Bergquam and Gallego comes amid ongoing concerns about the situation at the southern border. Bergquam has been at the forefront of documenting the crisis, reporting on the influx of illegal aliens and the humanitarian issues that have arisen as a result. His work has highlighted the death and destruction caused by lax border policies, bringing attention to the real-world consequences of political decisions.

During his exchange with Gallego, Bergquam shared a video of the encounter on social media, reiterating his question about whether Gallego was being paid off by the cartels. The video quickly gained traction, with many praising Bergquam for his bold approach and willingness to hold elected officials accountable.

Bergquam’s confrontation with Gallego is a stark reminder of the importance of investigative journalism in holding our elected officials accountable. His fearless questioning of Gallego on the issue of border security underscores the need for open and honest dialogue about the challenges facing our nation.

As the 2024 Senate race approaches, it is clear that border security will continue to be a contentious issue. It is incumbent upon our elected officials to address these concerns head-on and to engage in meaningful dialogue about how best to secure our borders and protect our national security.