Houston Gun Store Employee Faces Murder Charges in Defense of Property


A Houston gun store employee has been charged with murder, following the fatal shooting of a suspected shoplifter. The incident occurred in June 2022 at Carter’s Country store on South Wilcrest, where Mark Winger, the accused, was employed.

The deceased, Terry Evans Jr., was reportedly seen on surveillance footage entering the store, approaching the cash register, and allegedly taking money from it before attempting to leave.

A female employee tried to intercept him, followed by Winger who fired shots at Evans as he tried to flee the scene.

The footage shows Evans being hit by a bullet that went through his back and exited, striking the store’s glass door.

He was later found by firefighters in a nearby parking lot and taken to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Prior to this incident, Evans reportedly attempted to steal clothes from another establishment but was driven away by employees.

The defense for Winger maintains he acted out of fear for his life, claiming Evans was armed with a sharp object. However, Jason Gibson, an attorney representing the Evans family, argues the shooting does not meet the criteria for self-defense under Texas law.

According to Gibson, deadly force is only justified if there is a fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury.

Evans’ family has acknowledged his criminal record and history of mental health issues, but they are devastated by their loss.

Terry Evans Sr., the father of the deceased, expressed his grief, stating, “I can’t describe the pain of losing a son… I would have taken the bullet because the pain is unbearable.”

Following the incident, Winger was arrested and charged with the murder of Evans. He has since posted a $30,000 bond. This case raised questions about the use of deadly force in defense of property and the boundaries of self-defense laws in Texas.