Explosive Critique: Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Exposes Biden’s Blunders


As tensions continue to rise between the United States and Papua New Guinea, the latter's Prime Minister has taken a bold stance against President Joe Biden. In a scathing criticism of Biden's actions, the Prime Minister has accused the American leader of making grave mistakes that have put both countries in a precarious position. As a conservative, it is my duty to unravel the truth behind this explosive confrontation and reveal the hard-hitting facts from a conservative viewpoint.

First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room – Biden's recent decision to pull out of Papua New Guinea, a move that has left the small island nation vulnerable to its aggressive neighbors. While the liberal media is busy painting this as a humanitarian decision, the truth is far from it. By abandoning our allies, Biden has shown a complete disregard for the strategic and economic importance of Papua New Guinea, and has left it to fend for itself in the dangerous waters of the Pacific.

But that's not all, folks. In a stunning revelation, the Prime Minister has also accused Biden of breaking promises and failing to provide aid to Papua New Guinea, despite making lofty claims during his presidential campaign.

As a conservative, I am not surprised by this betrayal. We have seen time and again how the left-leaning politicians make grandiose promises during their campaigns, only to forget them as soon as they step into power. It is clear that Biden is no different.

Moreover, the Prime Minister has also blasted Biden for his hypocritical stance on climate change. While the American President preaches about reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment, his actions speak louder than words.

By approving the construction of a controversial oil pipeline and failing to take substantial steps towards reducing America's carbon footprint, Biden has exposed himself as a two-faced politician who only cares about appeasing his base.

But what's most concerning is Biden's incompetence in handling the ever-growing threat from China. As the world's superpower, it is America's responsibility to protect its allies from aggressive nations like China. However, Biden's soft approach towards China has emboldened them to increase their presence in the Pacific, causing a direct threat to the security of Papua New Guinea and its people. As a conservative, I believe in standing up against bullies and protecting our allies, something that Biden has clearly failed to do.

In conclusion, it is evident that Biden's actions and policies have not only harmed America but also put our allies at risk. The Prime Minister's bold critique of the American leader has shed light on the harsh realities that the liberal media conveniently ignores. It is time for conservatives to stand up and demand accountability from our leaders. Papua New Guinea deserves better, and as a conservative, I will continue to speak out against Biden's blunders and support our allies in their time of need.

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  1. Biden is a puppet for Obama, Clinton, shummer, pelosi and white house staff. Ge cannot think for himself..his wife is brainwashing him as only she knows how to do .the white house was more important to Jill than Joe.


  3. I really doubt that the three you named are who is running him. But there are 116
    Billionaires world wide who I believe are doing it . They all belong to one group.
    This is not only going on here. It is going on in most of the world. Biden is in office to ruin our country. They want to turn it into a dictatorship, that they control. We may not make it to our election before they do it. This new Fed Now is designed to take control of everyone’s money. Once it’s in place they will have to approve of each thing you buy or decline the sale. Biden hired people for the IRS to run this. It’s how they intend to make everyone do what they want them to. They can stop us from sending money to the republican party. After all they won’t want any more elections. When they get to run everything everyone does. Like your heat no more wood stoves our gas heat. Now if you give them a hard time they will get back at you. They control our water electricity, gas car payments insurance, house payments all they have to do is not make your payment. And it’s gone. They will even control what food you eat or don’t eat. After they have this much power it’s over with for us. That is when they will stop the election and we will have lost our freedom. Witch is what they are after. They will have the power to control everything we do. And ban us from buying anything they don’t want us to have

  4. Joe Biden has a corrupt and failed career founded on “big lies” and tall tales. He has been on the wrong side of every major U. S. political decision for five decades. Biden’s supporters have all lost the ability of critical thinking!!

  5. If Democrats are given another four years in power, America will cease to exist as we know it. The goal of Democrats is to seize absolute control of the government, setting up a tyrannical, Marxist one party rule. To accomplish this goal, Democrats cannot allow Biden to be defeated in November. They will do anything, legal or illegal, to keep Biden in office. He is not running the country. IMHO, I believe the wizard behind the curtain is Barack Obama. Everyone around Biden is an Obama holdover. They are calling the shots and control the teleprompter. They could not control Biden without the help of Jill Biden. She is motivated by power and money, not love. In the real world, she would be arrested for elder abuse.


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