Democrats Suggest ‘Assassination’ in Response to Supreme Court Immunity Decision


In a recent development that has sparked outrage, some Democrats have hinted at extreme measures following the Supreme Court's decision to narrow the scope of presidential immunity. This ruling, which primarily affects former President Donald Trump, has led to an uproar within political circles, particularly among those who oppose Trump's potential return to office.

The controversy erupted after Representative Daniel Goldman (D-NY) made a remark on MSNBC, suggesting that Trump "has to be eliminated." Although Goldman later clarified that he misspoke and did not mean to imply any physical harm, the damage was already done. His statement was widely interpreted as a veiled threat, reminiscent of past inflammatory rhetoric from figures like Maxine Waters and Eric Holder, who have similarly been accused of inciting violence against political opponents.

The Supreme Court's decision itself stems from Trump's appeal for immunity in several legal battles, including those related to his actions surrounding the 2020 election. The justices indicated they might limit the protections for former presidents, potentially delaying Trump's trial on charges of conspiracy to overturn the election results. This partial victory for Trump could affect ongoing cases in Washington, Georgia, and Florida​.

The most immediate effect of the Supreme Court's ruling would be to send Trump's case back to the D.C. District Court, requiring Judge Tanya Chutkan to reconcile the Supreme Court's new definition of presidential immunity with the ongoing prosecution led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. This decision could significantly delay the proceedings, much to the dismay of Trump's detractors​​.

Goldman's incendiary comments have only added fuel to the fire. His assertion that Trump "has to be eliminated" was perceived by many as a dangerous escalation in political rhetoric. Despite his subsequent apology on social media, where he emphasized that his intention was to highlight the importance of defeating Trump politically rather than physically, the backlash was swift and severe. Critics argue that such language contributes to an already volatile political climate​.

This incident underscores the heightened tensions as the country approaches another presidential election. With Trump continuing to lead in polls and his legal battles drawing national attention, the political landscape remains deeply polarized. The Supreme Court's upcoming rulings will likely play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of these cases and, by extension, the 2024 election​.

As the legal and political battles intensify, both sides are preparing for a protracted and contentious fight. The implications of the Supreme Court's decisions will reverberate through the justice system, potentially affecting not only Trump's future but also the broader discourse around presidential immunity and accountability.


  1. Democrat Dan Goldman needs to be run out of office and never allowed to ever hold public office ever again! Saying some one needs to be eliminated is the same as saying they need killed and there are crazy people out there who are nuts enough to listen to this loudmouth!!!


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