Controversial Archbishop Viganò Summoned by the Vatican


In a significant development that has caught the attention of Catholics worldwide, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has been summoned to the Vatican for a private audience. This move comes amid ongoing controversies and sharp criticisms that Viganò has directed towards the Church's leadership, particularly Pope Francis.

Archbishop Viganò, who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016, is well-known for his outspoken views and his pivotal role in exposing the cover-up of sexual abuse allegations within the Church. His 2018 testimony accused high-ranking church officials, including Pope Francis, of concealing the misconduct of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. This explosive accusation called for the resignation of Pope Francis and triggered widespread debate within the Catholic community.

The latest conflict involving Viganò arose from his vehement opposition to a ceremony held in the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin. The ceremony, which included traditional Ojibwe dance and drumming, was described by Viganò as a "serious sacrilege." Bishop James Powers of Superior rebuked Viganò’s claims, defending the ceremony as a long-standing tradition that honors Native American heritage. Powers accused Viganò of defamation and demanded a public apology.

Adding to the controversy, Viganò has been associated with ultra-traditionalist factions within the Church. His recent actions include allegedly ordaining priests without proper authorization and sending them to operate in dioceses without episcopal approval. These actions have led to further tensions and questions about the validity of the sacraments administered by these priests.

Viganò's summons to the Vatican is seen by many as an attempt to address these escalating issues directly. It reflects the Vatican's need to maintain doctrinal unity and address internal conflicts that have been publicly aired by Viganò. The meeting's outcome could have significant implications for the Church’s future handling of dissent and criticism from within its ranks.

This isn’t the first time Viganò has been at the center of controversy. In 2020, he penned an open letter to then-President Donald Trump, expressing solidarity with Trump's battles against what he termed the "deep state" and suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic was orchestrated to bring about a "New World Order." These statements have further polarized opinions about him within the Catholic community and beyond.

The tension between Viganò and the Vatican underscores the broader ideological rift within the Church, particularly regarding the interpretation and implementation of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Viganò has been a vocal critic of these reforms, which he believes have led to a dilution of traditional Catholic values.

As the Vatican prepares for this crucial meeting, many are watching to see how the Church will navigate this internal crisis. The resolution of this conflict could either reinforce or undermine the authority of Pope Francis and the current Church hierarchy. Archbishop Viganò’s supporters view him as a defender of traditional Catholicism, while his detractors see him as a divisive figure whose actions threaten the unity of the Church.

This unfolding drama highlights the ongoing struggle within the Catholic Church to balance tradition with modernity and to address the challenges posed by internal dissent. The upcoming discussions between Viganò and the Vatican leaders will be pivotal in shaping the future direction of the Church.


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