Ben Carson Issues a Vigilance Alert to Trump Supporters in Iowa Ahead of Caucuses


In the lead-up to the pivotal Iowa caucuses, Dr. Ben Carson has issued a stark warning to supporters of former President Donald Trump: be wary of “dirty tricks.” The cautionary message comes from a place of experience; Carson himself was the target of deceptive tactics during his own presidential bid eight years ago.

Carson’s admonition is not without precedent. He recalls the 2016 incident where false claims circulated that he had withdrawn from the race just as the Iowa caucuses were about to commence. This misinformation campaign was designed to mislead voters and manipulate the outcome—a tactic he urges Trump’s base to guard against as they prepare to show their support.

The esteemed neurosurgeon and former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development has called for vigilance among the electorate. In a video message, he implored Trump’s followers to remain alert and discerning, advising them to trust only the information coming directly from Trump’s campaign to avoid falling prey to rumors and disinformation.

Unity and trust within the movement are paramount, according to Carson. He emphasized the importance of verifying any suspicious information with official sources, particularly as the caucuses approach. With the strength of the movement hinging on its unity, Carson’s plea is for supporters to stand together against any attempts to sow discord.

Last year, Carson publicly endorsed Trump at a rally in Iowa, offering his “most confident and full endorsement” of the former president. He praised Trump’s commitment to fundamental American values such as freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms, asserting that Trump is the leader capable of restoring greatness to the nation.

In his endorsement, Carson did not shy away from highlighting the sacrifices Trump has made, including significant financial losses and relentless attacks from his adversaries. He portrayed Trump as a bulwark against the so-called administrative state and “the swamp,” suggesting that the persistent efforts to undermine him are a testament to the threat he poses to entrenched interests.

Carson’s rallying cry extends beyond mere endorsement. He invokes the words of Benjamin Franklin, reminding Americans that the republic’s endurance depends on active preservation. By supporting Trump, Carson believes the nation can uphold its founding principles and secure its future.

As the Iowa caucuses loom, Carson’s message is clear: supporters must be astute and united to overcome any underhanded tactics. With the eyes of the nation turning to Iowa, the call for vigilance is not just a warning but a battle cry for those who believe in the cause championed by Donald J. Trump.