Zelensky Issues Blacklist of US Politicians Criticizing US-Russia War

In an unexpected move, Ukraine recently disclosed an inventory of American political figures who, they assert, are “disseminating pro-Russian misinformation.”

Ukraine says they’re doing this by advocating against a full-scale global conflict and indirect engagement between the US and Russia.

Americans Accused of Lending Credence to Russia’s Claims by Ukraine’s Center

On Monday, the Ukrainian organization dedicated to combatting falsehoods, the Center for Countering Disinformation, made public their collation of US citizens who they believe are “propagating the narratives of Russia.”

Established by President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2021, this center now turns its attention to notable individuals within the United States.

Among those pinpointed are Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, Tulsi Gabbard, an ex-Democratic representative hailing from Hawaii, and Glenn Greenwald, a seasoned journalist.

Other figures on this roster include Douglas MacGregor, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, John Mearsheimer, a respected academic, and Edward Luttwak, a renowned military historian.

Both Gabbard and Greenwald have lent credence to a notion — championed by Russia, but vehemently refuted by Ukraine — that numerous American-financed biological laboratories are operating within Ukraine.

As the invasion commenced, MacGregor informed Fox News viewers that he considered Zelensky a “marionette,” accusing him of “endangering countless citizens unnecessarily” by resisting the impositions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson Accuses Ukraine of Censorship

In a 2015 presentation titled “Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?”, Mearsheimer contended
that NATO and the EU had essentially pushed Ukraine into a clash with Russia by dangling the prospect of membership without any genuine intention of granting it.

Sen. Paul has expressed similar viewpoints and voted against providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Luttwak, meanwhile, advocated for a peace agreement in April that would permit contested regions in the Donbas to conduct referendums on whether they would prefer to unite with Russia or continue as part of Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson, a now-former Fox News anchor who often takes issue with Zelensky’s leadership, declared on Monday evening that “Ukraine bears no semblance to a democracy.”

He leveled accusations against Zelensky, alleging he sought to “inflict censorship upon our nation.”