Yet Another Journalist’s Death at the Qatar World Cup

After immensely influential US soccer writer Grant Wahl died a tragic death at the Qatar World Cup only two days ago, it’s been found that another journalist suffered the same fate; although this time, it was a Qatar national.

The journalist in question, Khalid al-Misslam, whose job was taking photos for the local sports outlet Al Kass TV, died yesterday under mysterious conditions.

Local news sources reported his death was “sudden”, just as they did for Wahl.

Freedom of speech doesn’t sit right with the Qatar government

Either journalists really can’t handle the Qatar climate or the Doha media really sucks at covering up what was a premeditated murder.

Two journalists, both of which were critics of the Qatar government, dying in such a short period of time can’t possibly be a coincidence.

The Gulf Times offered their condolences to al-Misslam’s family, completely ignoring the strange circumstances of the man’s death. It’s been found on the same day, one of the security guards at the venue was seriously injured after a fall at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

Later it was found out the guard who fell was yet another migrant worker employed at the event; several fans saw him fall from what they described as a “significant height” before he was rushed off to the hospital.

Surprisingly enough, Grant Wahl was covering the same game during which the guard fell, with witnesses claiming he fell back to his seat and stopped moving. There are no reports of whether he died on the spot or in the hospital.

Hundreds of workers died during the construction

While there are certainly reports of Wahl dealing with bronchitis at the time, as he made several visits to the local clinic, people don’t just collapse and die from the infection, mainly due to it being a fairly short and innocuous illness.

Wahl’s brother, Eric, argued the journalist was, in fact, murdered on account of being outspoken against the country’s government. This started after Wahl was initially not allowed to enter the venue because of his rainbow-patterned shirt.

Wahl also shed criticism on the organization of the event, as there have been reports of hundreds of migrant workers dying while constructing the necessary infrastructure.

Events like these would call for immediate investigation at a time when justice was actually served, but seeing as we’re stuck in the age of woke, every word of criticism aimed at a middle eastern country is a no-go.

The deaths of Wahl and al-Misslam shouldn’t go unpunished. The Qatar government should be held accountable if any connection is made between them and the supposed murders of these two journalists.

This wouldn’t be the first bit of criticism the event has drawn either; there’s been hundreds, if not thousands, of angry fans tweeting against the horrid organization of the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.