Years Later, the Dems Are Still Trying to Trans Everything

"2017.06.26 WERK for Your Health, Washington, DC USA 6935" by Ted Eytan

The “progressive” left has gone above and beyond to shove the trans ideology down everyone’s throats for the past couple of years. They are forcing it into our kindergartens, schools, universities, and even military and government agencies.

It’s managed to crawl into every nook and cranny of modern life.

Most recently, they’ve been pushing for the inclusion of biological men in women’s sports, despite the obvious advantages they would have over biological women competing in the same category.

“2019.05.18 Capital TransPride, Washington, DC USA 02763” by Ted Eytan

Enough is enough

However, the public opinion of the trans community has dwindled recently. It seems just about everyone is getting fed up with them trying to trans everything, ranging from our children’s TV shows to women’s sports.

As it turns out, everyone is just afraid of being canceled by the “woke” mob if they speak up against these trans figures, like the Lia Thomas situation. Everyone was against him competing, yet his fellow students and their respective parents remained silent.

Aside from this entire narrative sounding like something straight out of some dystopian novel where people are silenced by an all-seeing ruler, cancel culture is toxicity at its finest; although you won’t hear it from the left.

Thankfully, a small number of institutions in the US have stood their ground against this novelty agenda, refusing to feed into the trans community’s narrative no matter the cost, even if the “woke” mob goes after them.

Alabama sororities stand their ground

One such example hails from a series of Alabama sororities that turned down biological male Grant Sikes when he applied to them, prompting a series of TikTok videos from him criticizing their “bigoted” behavior.

In one of the videos, Grant claims he’s hopeful a future where everyone can just be themselves is coming; although many would argue it’s him who’s not being himself since he’s given up the gender he was assigned at birth.

The sororities didn’t even consider the option that Twitter cancel culture would come after them. Instead, they went with common sense, refusing a biological male entry where a biological male doesn’t belong.

Unfortunately, the narrative remains strong in our schools, perhaps more than ever now that blue states are starting to include transgenderism and gender identity in the standard curricula for K-12 schools.

Teachers are already being trained to employ gender-neutral language wherever they can. They sometimes even hide a student’s new “identity” from their parents if they weigh it to be the proper course of action.

This is a battle that isn’t going to end in the near future. As long as the left is allowed to push policies like these into our institutions, future generations won’t stand a chance.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.