World’s Richest Man is Worried About Mass Extinction of Humans

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, warned about mass extinction in the world, claiming people should be worrying about “human collapse.”

Low Earth population will make life on Mars impossible

Musk wants people to be more concerned about the declining population of Earth, as the birth rate continues dropping amid the pandemic.

In the US alone, the birth rate fell 4 percent from 2019 to 2020, breaking the 40-year record of 1979’s lowest birth rate.

Currently, the entrepreneur is planning to populate Mars with human beings, as he repeatedly said he would achieve in the time frame of 10 years.

However, Musk also felt disappointed, stating if the population of Earth declines, inhabiting Mars would be out of the question.

It is not the first time Musk has shown his concerns about the nosediving population. Last month, he said human civilization would “crumble” if people did not assume to have more children.

The global birth rate has been witnessing a downward trend, as per the World Bank data. A primary reason is declining economic security as people continued leaving their jobs, despite having record inflation.

Sun will explode and destroy Earth soon

Sharing his opinion with his 7.6 million Twitter followers, Musk also asserted the human species would cease to exist by 100 percent, due to the expansion of the sun. However, he claimed the world could avoid this by making life multi-planetary.

Scientists are currently estimating when the Sun will explode and eliminate life on Earth. While it is not as easy as giving an exact date, experts indicated this would happen in roughly five billion years, starting from now.

According to scientific experts, this would be the sixth mass extinction and the first one by human activities; the previous five were natural, which resulted in the loss of biodiversity.

Reportedly, the Earth lost up to 13 percent of its two million species since the year 1500, which is worrying scientists.

This five billion year mark will not be the death of the sun, rather an end of the current phase; the actual death can be as far as trillions of years away.

At the end of the five billion years, the sun is likely to consume most of its hydrogen core, and it will be turned into a red giant. According to NASA, the sun would stop creating heat via nuclear fission by this time.

This unstable core of the sun will expand and swallow Mercury and Venus; thus, solar winds will knock out the earth and eliminate its magnetic field and the atmosphere altogether.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and a billionaire himself, is also optimistic about the potential of populating other planets with humans.

In November last year, he claimed people would be born in space and most of them would see Earth as a vacation destination.