Woman’s Rape by Weinstein Exposes Hypocrisy in Woke, Perverted Hollywood

The latest rape conviction of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein has exposed the hypocrisy in the perverted, woke world of Hollywood.

It has spent years pushing Marxist-Communist wokeness, while being ridden with rape and sexual assault.

Woke Hollywood’s Former Pillar Was Perverted Rapist

Despite ample evidence and testimony of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct in his new trial in Los Angeles, the fallen Hollywood producer was convicted only for the rape of Jane Doe 1, a Russian model, AP reported.

Weinstein was already sentenced to 23 years in prison during his sex offense trial in New York City last month, sealing the disgraced fate of a man who once was among the main pillars of Hollywood and its respective woke agenda.

Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial saw weeks of deliberations of the jury consisting of four women and eight men.

They decided the former producer deserves prison time only for the rape of Jane Doe 1 simply because she never contacted him after the rape – unlike the other alleged victims.

Weinstein raped Jane Doe 1 when she was 34, back in 2013, and living in Rome, Italy. Not unlike many of the other cases involving the Hollywood pervert, Weinstein showed up at the Russian model’s hotel room in the dead of the night, uninvited.

Details into the jurors’ deliberations emerged on Tuesday, after the two-month period in which they were banned from talking publicly expired.

According to the report, the jurors arrived at Weinstein’s conviction after nine days of deliberations over two weeks. The disgraced Hollywood producer now faces a sentence of up to 18 years in prison, on top of the 23-year sentence he got in the New York trial.

Governor Newsom’s Wife

Jurors, among them a 62-year-old banker named Michael, said Jane Doe 1 had the most convincing story, as she described how she was raped by Weinstein.

In the cases of the other alleged rape victims – model Lauren Young, a massage therapist, and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom – the jurors decided Weinstein was not guilty.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is the wife of California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. In the 2.5 years after she was allegedly raped by Weinstein, Governor Newsom’s wife sent the former Hollywood heavyweight more than 35 emails.

The jurors said this left them with the impression that she wanted something from him in return for the sexual assault.

The 62-year-old banker, Michael, in particular, said Siebel Newsom seemingly sought access to Harvey Weinstein, causing jurors to doubt the authenticity of her rape testimony.

A further point in hand was the fact that Jane Doe 1 gave a very restrained testimony, while Gavin Newsom’s wife was literally screaming as she answered questions in the courtroom.

This left more doubts about the hypocrisy in perverted Hollywood that goes in multiple directions.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.