Woman Living in Terror as Liberal DA Gives Rapist Almost No Time in Jail

The crime wave across America has been getting worse and worse. This is especially true in many large cities and blue states.

Cities like New York have seen huge increases in violent crime. Whereas that doesn’t just mean homicide, carjackings, and theft. It also means things like rape and sexual assault.

Now, one woman from the Bronx is dealing with the fallout from what happens when a leftist judicial regime doesn’t deal with crime and goes soft on criminals. They get worse and they victimize more people.

What Happened in This Case?

On September 15, a 25-year-old man by the name of Justin Washington entered the home of a Bronx woman and tried to rape her. The woman recently spoke to the New York Post, but preferred not to give her name for her own safety.

As she said, after entering through her window, the man started to masturbate in front of her. He then lunged at her. As the woman said, the man was acting “crazy” and shoved her onto her bed. He tried to rape her and forced her legs open, smelling her intimate areas.

He then seemed to become disoriented and stopped, asking instead for money.

The woman picked up a hammer that was lying near him which she’d been using to do repairs earlier. She screamed at him to get out, but he kept coming at her, so she smashed him in the head; he started bleeding and then ran away.

According to reports, Washington already sexually assaulted one woman earlier the same day and went on to rape and sexually harass three more people after her.

The woman said she’s now in extreme fear and “can’t sleep,” due to worrying about people like him being on the loose.

The Perp’s Rape Spree

Washington’s rape spree came as he was already set to be charged in another rape case in Manhattan.

He already allegedly masturbated in front of another young woman outside her window. He raped a teenager of 18 whose window he entered, as well as sexually assaulting a homeless guy who’d been in the apartment lobby and nabbing another woman’s pair of panties.

Only a month earlier, Washington had gotten a great plea deal of 30 days in jail and five years probation in a case involving rape of his teen relative. Leftist DA Alvin Bragg let this predator out on the streets; he went right back and reoffended.

In February, he was put in jail on a first-degree rape charge, but let out on only $12,000 bail as part of the plea deal.

At this point, he’s back in jail and his plea deal is being reconsidered. According to the DA’s office, they are still working to “determine” if or how much longer Washington will be behind bars for his additional charges.

Liberal Lies

Welcome to Biden’s America, where rapists walk free and Trump supporters get locked up for five years over January 6.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.