Woke Peter Pan Remake Stirs up a Controversy on Twitter

The upcoming remake of the classic fairy tale “Peter Pan” has been trending on Twitter lately. It’s for all the wrong reasons, although one could argue it’s practically why every movie these days goes viral.

The fact of the matter is, the movie, “Peter Pan and Wendy” has been slammed for attempting to promote a woke agenda, similar to how the latest installment in the Little Mermaid series has gotten backlash over the race swap of the beloved character.

The “lost boys” group from Peter Pan now features a couple of girls, all for inclusivity’s sake

This time, however, the backlash is a bit different. It’s aimed at the group of boys among Peter’s crew, called the “lost boys” in all the books and previous movies, but now, they’ve got a couple of girls among them.

When asked how they’re in the troop if they’re not of the correct gender, the two girls simply reply with “So?” and carry on with their tasks.

That’s not all people had to say about Pan’s latest remake, with many comparing it to the 90s movie “Hook,” featuring the late Robin Williams, who gave the retelling of Peter Pan’s story a certain atmosphere that few actors could live up to.

On top of this, this movie’s rendition of Tinkerbell, Pan’s trusty fairy sidekick, has taken on a slightly darker shade of skin color, much to the dismay of the Twitter crowd, who were enraged with yet another race-baiting by Disney.

First, they swapped Ariel to fit a woke narrative, despite there already being several POC-friendly characters in the original books; now, they’re doing the same thing with yet another iconic character.

A flop in the making

It’s hard not to notice a pattern in Disney’s current approach to kids’ entertainment. Many have pointed out the company adopted the woke narrative years ago; now, they’re simply not trying to hide it anymore.

On top of this, the original Peter Pan movie, which is currently streaming on Disney+, comes with a content advisory now that claims there are negative depictions of cultures and mistreatment of peoples of said culture, as well as the stereotypical portrayal of Indigenous characters.

Of course, all of those non-issues were fixed by turning Pan into an Indian boy and including girls in the lost boy’s troop, completely obsoleting Wendy’s role in the entire film.

Disney’s two latest movies were also major flops at the box office. People are already predicting Peter Pan will follow the same pattern, as going too woke is the most common calling card of a bad movie.

Disney already announced over 7,000 layoffs in the company, caused by over $5B in losses after the company tried to hike up the price of a Disney+ subscription, resulting in over 2.4 million people unsubscribing from the streaming service.

Much like all of Disney’s latest movies, the Pan remake looks gray, miserable, and outright poorly made. Fans across the globe are likely to be left disappointed with what could’ve potentially been an excellent retelling of a classic tale.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.