Woke Billionaire with Controversial Wealth Demeaning Founding Fathers

A woke billionaire, David Rubenstein, portrayed the Founding Fathers of America as racists and proponents of slavery.

However, Rubenstein himself exploited Native Americans and played around with taxation laws to make his fortune.

Hypocrisy of Woke Billionaire Exposed

David Rubenstein, the co-founder of a private equity giant, the Carlyle Group, has poured in millions of dollars to repair historical monuments.

Though many visitors believe the billionaire upgraded the monuments in a way that belittles the Founding Fathers and portrays them as racists.

According to the visitors of Monticello and Montpelier, which are the residences of former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison respectively, tour guides mention both these Founding Fathers as the exploiters of slavery.

Likewise, the gift shops at these monuments sell anti-racist and critical race theory books, which try to degrade the presidents.

One visitor, Dan A, stated everyone should learn the history before going to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello; otherwise woke tour guides would make them believe Jefferson started “the Ku Klux Klan.”

Another visitor noted James Madison’s Montpelier is also a hub of far-left propaganda, these days.

While Rubenstein funded the groups that are downplaying the role of Founding Fathers, he himself made off his fortunes by exploiting the masses.

For instance, he used loopholes in the tax laws of Alaska in the 1980s, which helped him in accumulating riches at the expense of Native Americans’ interests.

Rubenstein, who claims to come from “very modest circumstances,” is a self-made billionaire who raised his initial capital by striking a controversial deal with native Alaskans.

The deal, which was called “The Great Eskimo Tax Scam” by critics, deprived many families of their oil and timber corporations.

Speaking to the New York Post, an Alaska-based TV Show host, Dan Fagan, slammed Rubenstein for his hypocrisy.

According to Fagan, Rubenstein took the advantage of others to make his wealth, while he expected perfection from the Founding Fathers.

Rubenstein’s Wife Used Her Money in 2014 Elections

Apart from exploiting natives, Rubenstein also remained involved in journalism malpractice, which helped him in electing a Democratic-backed governor in Alaska in 2014.

A company managed by Rubenstein’s former wife, Alice Rogoff, bought the most-read newspaper in Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News, which used it as a propaganda machine against Republicans.

Rogoff wrote in her own newspaper that the government of Alaska should distribute the Permanent Fund of the state differently, which should depict the will of elected lawmakers.

After winning the elections, Rogoff’s hand-picked governor, Bill Walker, restructured the way the state’s Permanent Fund was distributed.

According to Fagan, this was the most intense case of “journalism malpractice” in the history of Alaska. 

With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Rubenstein previously asserted he wants to acknowledge the role of the United States in his monetary success. He is doing this by raising attention toward American history, culture, and heritage.