Will the Midterm Elections Get Violent? Disturbing Signs Point to Yes…

With the midterm elections only a few days away, things are getting tense. There’s a real chance political violence will occur and Democrats seem to be obsessed with it.

Joe Biden recently gave a speech saying conservatives and their “dark forces” are threatening democracy, and a new poll shows just how bad it is. Americans are very worried that these midterms are going to spin out of control…

Shocking New Poll

A new poll from ABC News shows that nine in ten Americans sampled believe there will be a high chance of violence during these midterms.

Hopefully, these people are all wrong in their fears, but we have to be honest and look at the current situation objectively: the temperature has risen massively in America.

The back and forth polarization of left and right has reached an intensity not seen in many decades; some say even since the Civil War of the 1860s.

The Speaker of the House recently allegedly had her own husband assaulted at home. The country burned while the media cheered it on in the summer of 2020. Thousands of protesters entered the US Capitol in 2021.

There’s no doubt people’s ability to stop themselves from acting out has worn thin for some.

America has become a place where both sides increasingly see their political enemies as their personal and cultural enemies. This is a dangerous step towards the kinds of divisions that can easily flare up into ballot box chaos and agitation.

Let’s hope not.

Who’s to Blame?

According to the liberal media, Trump and the Republican Party are 100% to blame for all the tensions we see. Things were fine and then they went and stoked the flames of sectarian hatred.

Looking at this ABC poll, we see Republicans are blamed by 31% of those who answer, Democrats are blamed by 25%, and both major parties blamed by 32%.

The reason for this is obvious: Republicans asked in the poll tend to blame Democrats and vice versa. Independents and those who have checked out of partisan politics tend to see both parties as full of nonsense and intentional fear-mongering.

It increasingly appears that Democrats are planning some kind of surprise for this month. Let’s hope agitators are not bused in to disrupt the polls and cause large scenes.

The unfortunate truth is the Democratic love of “democracy” only goes one way. They love it when they’re winning and rigging it.

They suddenly say elections don’t count or conservatives are evil and “dark forces” when they start losing.

The Bottom Line

Stay safe out there, wherever you may be. These midterms are crucial for the country, but they can’t descend into chaos if we want to see the results counted and applied.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.