Wife of Top Putin Spokesman Makes Bizarre Fool of Herself Partying in Europe

Vladimir Putin’s top representative is a man by the name of Dmitry Peskov. He’s married to a gorgeous model and figure skater called Tatiana Navka.

While the rest of Russia is sunk into a costly and horrible war in Ukraine for the past half a year, Navka isn’t too worried about it.

In fact, she’s recently been partying it up in Turkey and Greece while the rest of her country struggles under sanctions and can barely travel to the EU.

Navka’s not too stressed about it. In fact, she decided to also throw the mother of all hissy fits and start smashing things while on vacation.

Here’s What Happened…

Navka has been on vacation in Greece and Turkey, enjoying herself while her husband pushes Putin’s war back home. She’s been posting on Instagram, which is banned inside Russia, to show off her glamorous adventures.

A supermodel who won Russia’s heart as a figure skater, Navka has been exploring unique areas of Turkey and recently went to an exclusive Greek vacation resort.

While Ukraine gets blown to bits and refugees run for Poland, and as her own Russian troops are gunned down by the hundreds, Navka is off enjoying herself and spending her husband’s huge checkbook.

In Greece, she decided to start smashing a bunch of plates. To be fair, this is actually a Greek tradition, but it generally shows a kind of “life is life” attitude of not giving a crap.

Is this really the message Navka wants to send out right now? The world is poised on the edge of World War Three and she’s dodging sanctions and smashing crockery in a Greek resort? It’s ridiculous.

How Was This Even Possible?

Let’s be honest: most Russians can’t even enter the EU. How did Navka enter?

Most Russians are severely limited by sanctions, reduced flights, and other restrictions on finances and travel from many destinations.

Peskov isn’t supposed to be in Greece or most of the EU where he’s under sanction.

As Russian young men die in torture and Ukrainians have their lives destroyed, this woman is being “shameless,” one user accused on Instagram.

Her visit to Turkey also angered some Russians since Turkey is selling high-tech drone equipment to Ukraine that’s helping kill Russian troops. However, she went just for a few photo ops and to enjoy the weather.

The Bottom Line

In 1917, Russia was taken over by communists. Part of the reason they were able to seize power was the tsar (king) was very detached from the people, hiding away in his expensive estate while millions of young men were shot to pieces in World War One.

The Bolsheviks used this to stir up anger in the people and overthrow the old order, going on to murder Christians and turn the country into a communist hellhole.

Putin and his government are similarly out of touch with ordinary Russians, engaging in extravagant partying and hypocrisy while the rest of the country struggles to maintain hope for the future.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.