Wife of Killed Cop Spills The Awful Truth About BLM

In the summer of 2020, this country was burning down and the liberal media was cheering on the violence.

Vice President Kamala Harris even tweeted out a link to a bail fund for rioters and violent criminals who were jailed as a result of the chaos on the streets.

The supposed reason was the death of ex-convict George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. A Marxist organization called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) seized on the tragedy to incite people to violence and claim police and America were racist.

The result was horrifying and led to dozens of deaths, including the senseless murder of retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn.

Now, Dorn’s widow, Ann, is speaking out and she’s not holding back one bit.

Dorn’s Widow Drops The Hammer

In a recent op-ed for Fox News, Dorn pulls no punches in going after BLM, saying police had been told to stand down so these violent rioters and looters could do whatever they wanted.

As she said, “Democrats,” as well as “left-wing activists,” are the ones who promoted this BLM violence. They encouraged the lawless chaos that gripped our streets and ultimately led a gang of hoodlums to murder her husband while stealing a TV.

Dorn had been working to check the security of a neighborhood pawn shop, a job he’d been doing for years since retiring from the police force.

During nights of BLM and leftist-fueled rioting, people broke in to steal from the shop and ended up gunning him down to bleed out on the sidewalk.

As she said, the fact there are some “bad cops” has nothing to do with justifying overall distrust of cops or policing. She’s sick of hearing how her black husband was part of a racist institution.

Why Didn’t Dorn Support BLM?

For another thing, Dorn never “understood” or supported BLM, according to his widow Ann. The simple truth is he couldn’t figure out why an organization claiming to be backing black Americans was doing nothing to help black Americans.

In fact, what he saw them doing was playing the role of victim, trying to incite hate and division.

This is exactly what BLM did in 2020 and what they continue to do. They have nothing positive to contribute to racial healing and only make this country more divided and weaker.

It’s no wonder that groups which support BLM, such as Liberation Road, are directly backed by the Communist Party of China.

As Ann Dorn writes, her husband responded to the break-in at the pawn shop because he knew dangerous mobs were around and he wanted to do something about it.

When he arrived, a guy called Stephan Cannon wouldn’t listen when Dorn told him the most valuable stuff inside the shop was locked in safes and protected anyway.

Frustrated, Cannon shot Dorn fatally, leaving him to bleed to death on the sidewalk as another thug BLM supporter filmed the murder and live-streamed it for fun.

Supervillains’ Exist

As Ann Dorn writes, “superheroes” like her husband 100% do exist. Though so do “supervillains” like George Soros and Kamala Harris.

She is right on the mark here. Rest in peace, Captain Dorn.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.