Why Are Some Media Outlets Now Blaming Trump For the East Palestine Train Disaster?

The four years of President Trump’s term were full of the media and leftist politicians blaming him for every single problem in the world.

Despite his enormous progress on foreign affairs, the economy, and many other matters, Trump was blamed for almost everything.

Now, the media is even finding a way to blame him for the train derailment and intentional explosion that sent massive amounts of toxic vinyl chloride into the atmosphere.

You won’t believe the logic the Biden regime is using.

How is This Trump’s Fault?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a failed presidential candidate who has overseen one of the largest declines in American infrastructure in modern history.

Remember the shipping blockages at ports across the country during the pandemic? That was on Buttigieg’s watch.

The guy has been busy sharing photos of his new baby that a surrogate mom had for him and his husband Chasten, but he should have been working to keep the country up and running.

Now, Buttigieg is blaming Trump for what happened in East Palestine, saying Trump did too much deregulation and took apart safety rules that had been put up under the Barack Obama and Joe Biden presidencies.

Buttigieg chirped the same line to journalist Nick Sortor recently and the regime has really been doubling down on this line.

Meanwhile, Trump recently visited East Palestine to buy McDonald’s for all the first responders and show his solidarity with the community. Tell me who doesn’t care again “Mayor Pete”?

Look in the Mirror

Buttigieg and Biden just need to look in the mirror if they want to find someone to blame for the toxic chemical incident in East Palestine.

For one thing, FEMA and the federal government weren’t even going to help until Trump helped bring more publicity to this, along with America First conservatives like Senator JD Vance.

Norfolk Southern railway has every reason to underplay what happened here and the Biden regime went right along with it until they were shamed by Trump and real patriots.

News Parrots Buttigieg

The news, including ABC and CBS reporter Roxana Saberi are parroting Buttigieg, saying  Trump’s administration indirectly caused this disaster by taking apart safety rules for railways.

This includes a specific rule that made all rail cars stop at the same time, as well as rules requiring a minimum crew size inside trains to ensure full safety.

There is zero proof either of these rules would have prevented or done anything to stop the derailment that happened or the rising number of industrial “accidents” and problems happening across the country and hurting our infrastructure.

Instead, this is just another attempt to blame Trump for everything. In 20 years, if a Democrat is in power, will he or she still be blaming Trump? It’s time for these people to grow up.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.