White Lies of the White House Caught

Recently, the news of the Biden administration’s efforts to use taxpayers’ money for funding crack pipes went viral.

This prompted many so-called fact-checkers to negate the story. However, the story is now confirmed after investigation, while the White House continues to lie.

The White Lies

The Washington Free Beacon broke the news of the presence of crack pipes in the “safe smoking kits.”

Now, a new report from the same media outlet which investigated the authenticity of its own claims found sites in Washington, Baltimore, Boston, New York City, and Richmond had the crack pipes in the safe testing kits.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which is regulated under the Department of Health and Human Services, announced a program in February.

According to them, the government had to pay for “required harm reduction activities.” As per the plan, the money had to be used for “harm reduction efforts.”

Back then, the HHS called the prevailing reports of Free Bacon “inaccurate.”

The spokesperson of the department told the conservative media outlet that this program was supposed to help Americans who are struggling to remain healthy after drug addiction.

Similarly, the spokesperson asserted the funding would be in accordance with the laws and regulations of individual states.

However, the spokesperson also noted SAMHSA only decides the parameters of the policy and not the elements of the kits.

The White House also preached the same narrative, adding that crack pipes “were never a part of the kit.”

As for Free Bacon’s investigation findings, Jen Psaki asserted again that “no federal funding” is given to any project which has crack pipes in the kits.

This time, she stated the policy of the Biden administration does not allow any inclusion of crack pipes in the kits.

Furthermore, the press secretary also labeled the story a “conspiracy theory,” mentioning this program is exclusively designed for drug addicts living in America.

Safety Kits Sites Caught While Distributing Crack Pipes

Currently, safety kits distributed at Baltimore’s nonprofit organization, Charm City Care Connection, have copper mesh, glass pipes, and an instruction manual regarding the usage of the devices.

In the past, the same organization received federal funding worth $200,000 in 2019, as per Free Beacon’s report.

Another organization, which is supposedly run by the Boston Public Health Commission, also distributed crack pipes to drug addicts.

In addition to that, at a facility present in New York, pipes capable of feeding cocaine and meth into infected people were distributed with some smoking literature. The same center received over $20 million of federal funding in the past.

One center in Washington D.C, with a history of bagging over $3.1 million from SAMHSA since 2018, was also found distributing crack pipes among addicts. 

As per the new policy of the Biden administration, 25 recipients will be granted the funding of $9,750,000 every year for three years of the program.