White House Takes Heat For Entertaining Biden’s 2024 Re-election Run

Several weeks ago, Joe Biden declared he will run for a second term in the White House. This announcement came despite the plethora of problems that have emerged just during Biden’s first term alone.

These problems include, but are definitely not limited to, the horrible US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising inflation, the growth of crime, etc.

Yet, Biden still wants to convince the nation that he should be given another four years to carry out more of his agenda. All things considered, the Biden White House is taking heat for allowing this to happen, according to Fox News.

Former White House Doctor Weighs In

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson worked as a White House doctor under multiple administrations before eventually running for and serving in Congress. In a recent interview, Jackson sounded off against the current White House going along with Biden’s plans to be a two-term president.

According to Jackson, Biden’s recent fall, along with the many blunders and errors he’s made while speaking, prove that he’s not fit for the job of the presidency.

Furthermore, Jackson drove home the point that the current president’s poor physical state is beginning to mirror the obvious cognitive challenges he faces.

In addition to citing all of this as a major national security concern, Jackson also opined that the White House is engaging in “malpractice” by even entertaining the notion of a Biden 2024 run.

Buckle Up, America

At the rate things are looking, the White House and other Biden allies are going to be with him each step of the way, despite the many problems associated with him.

Therefore, the best hope of stopping a second Biden presidential term will be nominating the right GOP candidate to face off against him.

Thus far, multiple polls have shown Ron DeSantis (who just recently entered the 2024 presidential election) beating Biden by several points in a general election.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.