White House Struggles to Answer Questions About Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration continues to be a pressing policy matter in this country. When Texas and Arizona were the only places feeling the sting of mass migrant crossings, Democrats didn’t care.

However, once these border states commenced bussing migrants to sanctuary cities such as Washington DC and New York City, the leaders of these communities began kicking up a fuss.

Both Democratic mayors have reached out to the federal government for assistance with handling the volume of migrants they’re receiving; however, the federal government isn’t intervening on their behalf.

As long as the southern border remains in its current condition with no immigration law enforcement from the Biden administration, sanctuary cities will continue to receive more migrants.

Recently, the White House struggled when questioned about illegal immigration by Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey, as documented by Red State.

No Accountability From the Biden Administration

On Monday, Doocey questioned the Biden administration about its inconsistencies regarding COVID-19 vaccines and who can enter America.

The Fox News correspondent pointed out how people who aren’t Americans can’t fly into the United States without a COVID vaccine. However, at the southern border, if someone enters the country without being vaccinated against the virus, they don’t run into any issues.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre pushed back against this, claiming this isn’t the situation; yet, Doocey pushed back on his own, stating this is precisely what’s happening when it comes to entry into the United States.

Eventually, Jean-Pierre read from her binder of notes about the various policy steps the White House has taken in regards to handling the southern border. Sadly, none of these actions involve actually securing the border.

Precisely zero of the notes read by the White House press secretary actually answered the question that Doocey posed about the differences between entering the United States via plane vs. over the southern border.

Follow-up Remarks From the White House

Later, during Monday’s press conference, Jean-Pierre claimed the president has in place a “plan” to handle mass border crossings. Yet, for over one year, border states have been forced to pick up the slack.

When Texas and Arizona asked the federal government to act and help secure the border, it refused.

Ironically, Washington DC and New York City are now getting a taste of what this is like, as the federal government also isn’t helping them with migrants being bussed to their communities.

At this rate, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Biden’s “plan” for the southern border to actually materialize.

What do you think of the White House’s latest response to the record rates of illegal immigration occurring on its watch? Do you believe Joe Biden truly has a plan to crack down against illegal border crossings? Let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.