White House Now Fully Walking Back Biden’s “MAGA Republicans” Rhetoric

Joe Biden’s comments about “MAGA Republicans” were a clear strategy to rile up tensions and essentially scaremonger Americans into voting Democratic.

Despite all of Biden’s previous talk about unity and healing, all of it flew out the window when he saw a political opportunity to advance his party’s interests.

This has not panned out well for the president. Biden and his aides continue to be grilled over him writing off half the country as fascists who are targeting democracy.

Even media personalities are pressing the White House about the president’s rhetoric and the Marines he had stationed on either side of him while going after Republicans and supporters of former President Trump.

Amid ongoing backlash, the White House is now officially in clean-up mode, as reported by Breitbart News.

It’s Not Looking Good

Just yesterday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Biden was “clear” about what he meant amid condemning “MAGA Republicans.” During a press briefing, Jean-Pierre said her boss was speaking to GOP “leadership” and “Ultra MAGA” Republicans.

She then followed this up by saying certain GOP leaders are pushing for agendas that are “extreme.”

These latest talking points from the president’s press secretary came amid Biden putting out a tweet intended to clarify his earlier comments about Trump-loving Republicans.

Biden tweeted that in the spirit of being “clear,” he’s aware not every GOP member in Congress is a “MAGA Republican.”

Biden also stressed that he has firsthand knowledge of that, seeing as he’s been able to previously work with “mainstream” GOP members.

It’s Not Adding Up

Unfortunately for Jean-Pierre, the remarks she made to try to clean up Biden’s comments are at odds with other statements from her just days ago.

During this time, she argued that “MAGA Republicans” whom Biden condemned weren’t just limited to leaders of the GOP.

This is when Jean-Pierre specifically stated the president was speaking to an “extreme” section of the Republican Party that’s backing “authoritarian” leaders.

The White House press secretary isn’t the only aid who’s been pressed about the comments Biden made and the impacts they’ll have on the country.

Keisha Bottoms, the public engagements director of the White House, was also questioned by the media about Biden’s remarks on “MAGA Republicans.”

To this end, the White House aide claimed the president will continue to work across the aisle with “mainstream” GOP members and Independents.

At this rate, there’s no telling when this PR nightmare for the White House will end. Recent polling has also shown more than six out of ten Americans believe the speech Biden made last week was a dangerous escalation of rhetoric meant to sow conflict.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.