White House Made “Pretty Remarkable” Move to Protect Biden From Criticism

On Wednesday, the White House cut off the audio for Biden after he was asked a question about the Americans stranded in Afghanistan. This is a move that some critics say is a “pretty remarkable” attempt to protect Biden from criticism.

Biden was asked what will he do if there are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan after the August 31st deadline

As Biden wrapped up the meeting about cybersecurity in the State Dining Room, the president dismissed the media while they continued to pose questions. However, before leaving, Biden appeared to have answered one query.

Peter Alexander of NBC asked what Biden will do if there are Americans who are still trapped in Afghanistan after the designated deadline. However, the White House proceeded to cut the audio feed as Biden responded. 

Up until now, it is still not clear whether the audio maneuver was a mere coincidence or if it was intentionally done in order to prevent viewers from listening to Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks. The NBC reporter then, later on, verified the exchange. Alexander noted that the president answered saying that Alexander would be the first person whom he will call. 

Alexander likewise posted a tweet, stating that the president took “no questions” after being asked what he would do in case there are Americans who are still trapped in the war-torn country. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is accusing the White House of protecting Biden. 

Josh Holmes, former chief of staff for Mitch McConnell, posted a tweet sarcastically saying that it was “pretty remarkable” how the White House cut off the audio of Biden’s microphone. 

Matt Whitlock, a Republican communicator, likewise made a remark saying that Biden’s microphone was intentionally cut off so that no one could hear his answer. He added that it shows how worried the White House is about the president answering questions related to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, others emphasized the cold response from Biden.

Biden kept dodging questions about the rescue efforts for Americans trapped in Afghanistan

Recently, the president has been facing sharp criticism for the fall of Afghanistan, following his hasty decision to remove U.S. troops. However, he was seen continuously dodging questions about the rescue efforts planned by the administration for the stranded Americans in Afghanistan. 

On the other hand, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was grilled for the joking response of Biden about the serious question related to the Afghanistan crisis. Psaki was asked by Peter Doocy of Fox News about Biden’s response, asking what was “so funny” about the question. 

The press secretary seemed to be caught off guard by the question; she instead diverted her answer to the Biden administration’s effort about the ongoing evacuation. Psaki responded, stating that she thinks what Biden was trying to convey is that they are “on track” to completing their mission by August 31.