White House Defends Biden’s Comments on “MAGA Republicans”

Joe Biden continues to show that unity and togetherness are not at all what he stands for, despite comments he previously made after being inaugurated.

Biden spoke last January of cooling down the temperature. Yet, he continues to incite division and claim that people who don’t agree with him are evil and prejudiced.

Just earlier this week, the president sounded off against “MAGA Republicans” while campaigning for Democrats in Maryland. After declaring he’s got no respect for “MAGA Republicans,” Biden deemed them as dangerous fascists and threats to democracy.

In the wake of this, the White House is now backing up this type of rhetoric from the president, according to Washington Examiner.

Follow-up Remarks From the White House Press Secretary

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted that Biden’s claims about “MAGA Republicans” were clear, powerful, and eloquent.

After saying the president takes defending democracy very seriously, the press secretary reiterated her boss’s claims that MAGA Republicans are coming after people’s freedoms.

Jean-Pierre also went on to say Americans who support former President Trump are threatening violence and that Biden called the situation “what it is.”

Later, she expressed the president was drawing a contrast between the agenda of Democrats vs. the agenda of Republicans.

Biden’s statements in Maryland arrive as Democrats continue to take heat for issues involving the economy, immigration, energy, and foreign policy.

Responses From the General Public

Biden’s remarks went over just about as well as many people might have expected.

Trump supporters were not pleased and made that known online. Supporters of the former president also drove home the point that they don’t respect Biden or his leadership either.

Many GOP members also claimed Biden continues to be a divisive figure who will do or say anything to maintain power for his own party and side.

Democrats, like the White House, defended the remarks from Biden. Left-wingers took to social media to yet again tie Republicans to fascism. Many also weighed in on Trump, saying his administration was a fascist one as well.

Jean-Pierre’s commentary about Biden makes it clear this likely won’t be the last that Americans hear of this. With the midterms coming up, Biden will be campaigning again and doing what he believes is needed to help his party hold onto the House and the Senate.

Despite Biden’s claims which attack supporters of Trump, Biden is still underwater in multiple polls. He still has serious issues with his own party coming out in droves against him seeking reelection.

What do you think about the White House doubling down on Joe Biden’s claims about “MAGA Republicans” being fascists, perpetrators of violence, and threats to democracy? Please feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.