White House Corrects Biden’s Controversial Remarks

Chinese officials have warned the Biden administration against any possible intervention in its military operations in Taiwan.

President Biden recently asserted the United States would militarily defend Taiwan, should China attack the country.

Biden Mocked for Vowing to Defend Taiwan

The Chinese government has often believed an invasion of Taiwan is long overdue and could happen anytime soon.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, China’s relationship with Taiwan constitutes “internal affairs” of the country.

He further added these bilateral relations depict the core interests of China and represent the sovereignty of the country. So, China will not tolerate any outside intervention, the spokesman added.

This response of the Chinese Foreign Ministry came in the aftermath of Biden’s remarks claiming the US would militarily defend Taiwan if it is invaded by China.

Speaking at a news conference in Japan where the president is supposed to attend a Quad meeting, he claimed the US is making a commitment to stop the Chinese invasion.

By flying within Taiwan’s airspace and adopting other such violent measures, China is attempting to play with fire, the president mentioned.

These comments of Biden mark a new foreign policy approach by the United States, which often distanced itself from any direct military confrontation with China.

Officially, the US complies with the “One China” policy, according to which it does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

White House Always Corrects Biden on Issues

Biden’s comments also mobilized the White House, which came forward to clarify his remarks once again.

According to the White House, Biden’s words did not mean a shift from the One China policy.

However, the US will commit to bringing stability to Taiwan by providing them with necessary military equipment, in case of any Chinese aggression, the White House added.

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, indicated the US policy towards China and Taiwan has not changed, even though China is trying hard to undermine peace efforts in the region. 

This is not the first time Biden is differing from his administration regarding the China-Taiwan issue.

In October 2021, Biden said the US would defend China in response to a question by a college student. Right after the episode, the White House clarified the US has no policy shift to deal with China and Taiwan. 

The US reaction regarding the crisis has become relevant since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the US did not intervene directly in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China perceives the US would not intervene in its case, as well.

This perception of China is allowing President Xi Jinping to observe the violent foreign policy against Taiwan. 

The Chinese president already claimed he is seeking the “peaceful reunification” of Taiwan and no foreign intervention will be tolerated.