White House Concocts Job Growth, Makes a Mess of Biden’s Schedule

On Friday, White House media secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced questions from Fox’s Peter Doocy about the Biden team’s false assertion that Biden “self-reported” holding classified materials.

Not only did Joe Biden fail to self-report his actions, but his staff concealed them from the American people before the midterm elections.

CBS’ excellent reporting is why we are aware of the confidential materials, as Biden was caught red-handed with them. He did not wholly disclose how many discoveries they had at that time.


 Jean-Pierre faced more difficulties during that news appearance. She is tasked with trying to clarify the things that Biden states.

However, there is a problem when neither she nor Biden can clarify the situation. How many jobs does Biden assert to have created? As per Jean-Pierre, eleven.

At last, an approach to reality from the floor. However, we cannot be certain it is even that many.

Given the number of jobs that may have been lost due to inflation and regulations, it’s more likely to be negative. However, perhaps Biden deserves credit for the need for individuals to have second jobs in order to have enough money to survive.

Then, there’s this statement that required some nerve. KJP criticized Republicans for interfering with the “success” of the Biden team’s border negotiations.

Among the multitude of idiotic remarks she’s made, this has to rank at the top. What do you mean by “success?” Border control has been one of the Biden presidency’s most significant failures, but there have been so many.

The border has been breached by more undocumented aliens than ever before and the situation is still chaotic. This is propaganda on par with that of Stalinism.

Left in the Dark

Jean-Pierre responds to queries with nothing but spin or blank expressions.

A journalist asked KJP one further fascinating question that she was unable to answer. The reporter said, “Is there a particular reason why the president is leaving Camp David and traveling to Delaware for just one evening on Sunday?”

Jean-Pierre stated she had no information on his next activities. Either they have such little regard for her that they could not be bothered to notify her or KJP just doesn’t want to share.

Miranda Devine of the New York Post reported on Friday that the president would depart Camp David on Sunday afternoon and spend the night in Wilmington, Delaware.

Is Biden checking to see if anything else is in his garage? Or is he meeting someone at a location that does not maintain visitor logs?

There doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason for him to spend the night there unless there’s something he can’t live without or essential business he must attend to. However, they are unwilling to reveal the solution to this query.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.