White House Aide Confronted Over Biden’s Comments About Republicans

With Democrats’ chances of winning the midterms being rocky at best, Joe Biden’s adopted a new strategy of going after Republicans as hard and as viciously as possible.

This makes it clear to see how much the president wants to scaremonger about the GOP and what Republicans/Trump supporters are really about. However, the more that Biden rails against the political right, the more it backfires on him.

During last week’s speech on Thursday, the president was panned by corporate media figures for having Marines by each of his sides as he delivered partisan attacks.

Now, as Biden keeps bashing Republicans and Trump supporters, his aides are facing more and more hard questions. This was the case with White House Office of Public Engagement director Keisha Bottoms, as documented by Newsmax.

A Tough Interview

During an ABC News interview, Bottoms defended Biden’s widely panned speech by saying he was reaching out to all Americans, despite political affiliation. Yet, this was pushed back against by journalist Martha Raddatz.

Raddatz pointed out that Biden’s comments certainly weren’t a form of outreach to “MAGA Republicans.”

After pointing out how the president repeatedly deemed these folks as perils to democracy, Raddatz asked Bottoms if Biden’s washed his hands of the tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump.

To this end, the Office of Public Engagement director claimed Biden will continue his work with Democrats, Independents, and “mainstream Republicans.” Bottoms did not directly answer as to whether Biden’s given up on the Americans who voted for his political rival.

White House in Crisis

Biden’s moves of attacking Republicans have been rapidly walked back, at least in certain capacities. Last week, when the president was confronted about his comments on Trump supporters, Biden amended his words, saying he doesn’t view Trump supporters as a threat.

Furthermore, since railing against the MAGA ideology on Twitter, Biden’s gone from blasting “MAGA Republicans” to “MAGA proposals.”

Ultimately, the president jumped the gun and got too desperate in his efforts to make the opposition look bad. Even traditionally left-wing media outlets have acknowledged the contrast between Biden’s campaigning on being a unifier vs. his remarks this past Thursday.

Now, various aides in the White House (whether it’s the press secretary or the public engagement director) are left having to clean up the mess. This is an issue that won’t be going away anytime soon, no matter how Biden or his team try to explain it all away.

What do you think of the response from Joe Biden’s public engagement director as it pertains to his comments about Trump-voting Republicans? In the comments area down below, feel free to let us know what you believe is going to come next.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.