WH Is Planning To Withhold Funds to FORCE Americans To Get Vaccinated

The White House failed to deny a report stating that the Biden administration is planning to use federal financial aid to force institutions into requiring Americans to get vaccinated. An official from the White House told Fox News that as always, the Biden administration is talking about different ways of how they can continue to promote COVID vaccination all over the country. 

Biden administration is looking at using the powers of the federal government to force Americans to get vaccinated

The White House official also added the ideas reported are still being considered at their early stages of pre-decision and deliberation. Accordingly, there are no imminent policy strategic decisions yet at present. 

The statement given by the White House official came after the Washington Post published a report on Thursday; this report stated that the Biden administration is looking at holding onto federal funds and utilizing the powers of federal regulations in order to urge more people to get vaccinated. 

Institutions such as universities, long term care facilities, as well as cruise ships could be targeted by the plan. It is expecting to reach most of the 90 million Americans who are now eligible to get the COVID vaccine, but haven’t received it yet. 

The Post also reported that one area of the plan intends to focus on limiting access to government funds like Medicare; this would be an attempt to convince long term care facilities and nursing homes to make COVID vaccination a requirement for their employees. 

The plan to use federal funds to force vaccination in certain facilities was being weighed as the number of COVID-19 cases driven by the delta variant is on the rise. According to experts, the delta variant is said to more infectious compared to the original strain. 

The proposal indicates a new form of federal intervention

As of Thursday, the present seven-day average of COVID infection rose to 95,000. This caused experts to ask the federal authority to utilize more of its powers. The proposals made at the national level also indicate a new potential intervention of the federal government, as the White House struggles to restrain the spread of the virus which is spreading more rapidly than ever. 

After an event on Thursday, Biden was asked about the COVID vaccine mandates. According to him, his administration is still looking at the alternatives available to urge the public to get vaccinated.

When Biden came in office, he promised to have a full-blown “wartime effort” to beat COVID-19. He also regularly compares the number of American deaths throughout the pandemic to American war deaths, with over 615,000 COVID-19 deaths in the last 18 months.

However, Biden has been hesitant to use his full powers to force Americans to get vaccinated. The White House declined to make any comments about the issue.