We Could Completely Run Out of Diesel in Just 25 Days’ Time!

"Diesel." by Tim Vrtiska

PJ Media shared a shocking piece of information this weekend, unveiling the US might end up running out of diesel in less than a month. This would end up prompting yet another, much greater, fuel crisis than the one we’re in right now.

While oil prices and Biden’s continued plundering of our National Reserves have been the talk for the past few weeks, analysts believe the diesel shortage will be the worst, final curveball the Bidenflation throws at us.

“Combine Harvester and Tractors” by Allan Harrison

Bidenflation takes its toll

Even though diesel doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention that oil and gas do, the fact still remains that it’s what drives the industry in the US. Because of that, it’s probably got a much greater impact on inflation and skyrocketing item prices than oil ever will.

When diesel runs short, trucks will be unable to deliver necessities to stores; farms will shut down and critical manufacturing sectors will all be crippled, leaving the entirety of the US population dead in the water.

As it stands, we may have only 25 days left to tackle this issue. The diesel reserves hit the lowest point they’ve been since 2008, whereas demand rose to its highest point since 2007.

In spite of all of this, the Biden administration has remained completely silent, hoping this whole thing will blow over so they can get back to promoting liberal policies and Biden’s hilariously ineffective “Inflation Reduction Act.”

This is set to do even more damage to our economy for the next three to four years.

Democrats don’t stand a chance

The shortage came only weeks before the midterm elections roll around, spelling disaster for Democrats who were doing everything in their power to patch up Biden’s shortcomings, with little success.

The National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese, chimed in on the situation, claiming the current diesel inventories are inexcusably low and all options are on the table.

Although it’s fair to say we’ve run out of valid options to fix this, especially with only 25 days on the clock.

This entire nation hinges on the trucking industry being functional. Once the diesel supplies have dried up, the supply shortages and necessity costs are slated to become that much worse, with unprecedented speed.

As it stands, the majority of the products we use daily are transported by diesel trucks and cultivated on farms with equipment that runs on the same fuel, putting the direness of the situation into perspective.

The most common misconception is the US is highly dependent on oil; even though it’s partially true, diesel accounted for 77% of the total distillate consumption last year alone.

If a resource that is integral to keeping this country running is no longer available, there’s no telling what could happen. The energy crisis we’ve been facing for the past year will pale in comparison to what’s coming.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.