Watch: Hilarious New Ad Humiliates Martha’s Vineyard Liberals

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made quite the splash last week when he sent a few dozen illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

The liberal island is a mostly white haven of leftists and retired millionaires with a median home value of around $1 million.

DeSantis gave the migrants passage there for a simple reason: everyone should be sharing the costs and responsibilities of our broken border until it is fixed.

To be clear, these looked like good people from Venezuela mostly who are here to work and earn money. Whereas the fine folks of Martha’s Vineyard didn’t all react so nicely; they eventually got the migrants sent away.

Now, a new ad is encouraging these leftists to be more loving.

No Human is Illegal!

The left loves to chant slogans like “no human is illegal.” The point of this is to say border restrictions are inhumane and cruel.

If you believe this and believe in accepting and legalizing anyone who comes to this country, then surely that would also manifest in your personal life, right? Well, apparently not.

The folks of Martha’s Vineyard even went so far as to start accusing DeSantis of playing with human lives. Hillary Clinton accused him, outrageously, of “human trafficking.” Yes, she actually said it.

Now, a new ad from a conservative group is pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals who didn’t want these fine folks.

If diversity is what makes us strong and nobody is illegal, then why not fill the entire island with illegal migrants and undocumented workers?

Championing Equity!

As the ad says, DeSantis was championing “equity” but Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker used National Guard troops to take them to a base on Cape Cod and away from the island.

How cruel and what a lack of diversity being taken away from Martha’s Vineyard.

The idea of “equity” has been steadily gaining ground on the left. It basically means equality of outcome, instead of equality of opportunity. In other words, it means economic and cultural communism.

These rich liberals claim to love equity, but it’s more like a sacred mantra they repeat to gain and keep power. They clearly don’t believe a word of it and don’t want to share their pristine mansions with anyone who’s below their class.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what you feel about DeSantis’ decision and whether or not it was appropriate, it’s definitely made a big impression and put a bee in the bonnet of leftists.

All he did was relocate a few undocumented individuals to a nice area of Massachusetts. What’s with the huge uproar?

You won’t meet anyone more prejudiced than a well-meaning white liberal with condescending and subtly hateful views about others disguised as “diversity.”

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.