Walmart Has to Pay Out Huge After Being Caught Spying on Customer

Walmart has to pay $4.4 million to one of their shoppers after he sued them for allegedly spying on and harassing him.

According to the customer, Michael Magnum, the Walmart location in Wood Village, Oregon engaged in racial profiling, harassment, and secret surveillance of him in 2020 in a way that caused distress.

He sued the store as a whole for the alleged mistreatment and has now come out on top with a giant payday.

Here’s What Happened

According to Magnum, he was shopping at his Wood Village Walmart when the problems began occurring, particularly with a specific employee by the name of Joe Williams.

Magnum, whose ethnicity is black, had the police called on him; he was reported for allegedly trying to strike and assault Williams.

The problem is Magnum says he never threatened to do anything of the kind and reached this point of escalation as a result of ongoing harassment.

According to Magnum, Williams had been shadowing and spying on him around the store, racially profiling him due to his ethnicity, and eventually telling Magnum to leave without cause.

According to Magnum, Williams began “flipping out” on him, which is when police were called and he was falsely accused of threatening to assault the employee.

Details of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges after police reached the scene, they didn’t ultimately take action against Magnum because the employee’s accusation kept varying and didn’t really make sense.

It later turned out this one employee, Williams, called police before without any real justification. He’d already had accusations against him of lying about wrongdoing in order to try to stir up drama.

In fact, Williams was later dismissed from his job for losing merchandise and doing a bad job.

Magnum is a very active local community member who runs a gym at nighttime to help local young people stay out of trouble and helps with organizing affordable housing in the daytime.

Being accused of this kind of behavior would have seriously hurt his reputation, his lawyer argued.┬áNow, he’s been vindicated and Williams just cost Walmart $4.4 million.

The Bottom Line

If every racist person having a bad day got their company sued for millions of dollars, all corporations would soon be bankrupt. However, at the same time, conservatives can learn a valuable lesson from this.

If you are in a business that is anti-American or anti-Trump, you can record and keep track of any harassment you receive as a result of your political beliefs or identity (including anti-white racism) and sue the hell out of the enterprise.

This is the reality we’re now in. As a result of the current climate, we might as well face it and use it to our advantage.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.