VP Harris Sending Mixed Messages on Illegal Immigration

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On Sunday, “The Big Saturday Show” host slammed Kamala Harris for sending mixed messages about immigration; this came after Harris’ interview, with her saying she’s always been an “advocate” for illegal immigrants. 

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During an interview on Thursday with Univision reporter Ilia Calderon, Vice President Kamala Harris stated she’s been working on immigration issues for almost the entirety of her career. 

Harris then added that she has been an “advocate of immigrants,” both documented and undocumented. 

Harris to illegal immigrants: “Do not come, do not come.”

However, Harris’ recent interview is a stark contrast to the speech she previously made in Guatemala. In this speech, Harris warned potential migrants who wish to come to the United States not to come. 

In her speech in Guatemala, Harris said she wanted to emphasize that the goal of the Biden-Harris administration is to help the people in Guatemala “find hope at home.”

The vice president added that she also wanted to be clear to everyone thinking about taking the dangerous trek to the United States border.

Bipartisan Backlash Against Harris

Her comments against immigration sparked criticism from Democrats; the comments indicated a shift in tone based on prior remarks Harris made as a senator and during her previous campaign as a presidential candidate. 

Then, on Saturday, Sean Duffy of Fox News stated that the vice president is incapable of addressing the border crisis because of this criticism. 

Duffy noted that in four years or eight years, Harris will more likely run for president. This will be a huge issue for the Democrat Party. The Fox News host also added that the party needs to “love” Harris. However, if she addresses the border, she will have a hard time winning them over. 

The Fox News host added that that is how Harris is doing it now: trying to ignore the border at the expense of the American people. 

Duffy then noted that even the president of Guatemala said Harris’s messages are confusing. He also added that Biden and Harris do not want to address the problem at the border. 

Other than her mixed messages, Harris also failed to answer when will she visit the border in her recent interviews.

Harris’s failure to answer that question happened on two separate occasions; habitually, Harris’ interviews get heated whenever she is pressed by the question as to when will she visit the border. She can only answer the question by irritably insisting she has been at the border, followed by an awkward chuckle. 

In her recent interview with Univision anchor Ilia Calderon, Harris became heated when pressed about precisely when she will visit the border

Then, last week, Harris also had an awkward interview with NBC host Lester Holt who likewise challenged her for not visiting the border.