VP Harris Has “Ridiculous Argument” Against Voter ID Laws

On Saturday, Vice President Kamala Harris was slammed for arguing against voter ID laws; Harris stated that rural Americans cannot photocopy their IDs. 

VP Harris claimed there are rural Americans who do not have access to photocopying machines

During her interview with BET News, Harris stated that we should not underestimate compromise on voter ID laws and what it could mean.

She argued that in some people’s mind, it only means going to Xerox or other photocopying machines to print a copy of your ID then send it as proof of who you are.

The vice president then claimed that there are a “whole lot of people” (particularly those who live in rural communities) who do not have access to photocopying machine. Later, she added that there are no OfficeMax or Kinkos near them. 

Harris then continued, saying that of course, the voters have to provide proof of who they are. However, the vice president also claimed requirements should not be in a manner that would make it nearly impossible for folks to prove who they are. 

The remarks made by Harris comes in the middle of the growing nationwide dispute over voter IDs, with states like Texas and Georgia taking the center stage.

Many Democrats argue that the voter ID laws are “racist”. Meanwhile, Republicans, on the other hand, suggest that the law is important in order to prevent voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Americans who live in the rural areas criticized the comments made by the vice president. Rural Americans said Harris is out of touch with what is going on in the country. 

Former CA officer Bryan Dean Wright posted a tweet saying that they built this country and can manage to get their IDs photocopied. 

Sean Parnell: No American is buying that “ridiculous argument”

Sean Parnell, a veteran and a Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, stated that no one is buying the “ridiculous argument” Harris has against voter ID laws.

He added that most Americans support the law and we should get it done. 

Last month, Biden announced that he tapped the vice president to lead the fight of the White House to expand access to ballot boxes.Later on in the interview with BET News, Harris clarified that Biden specifically asked her to “lead” the issue. 

However, in the same interview, Harris noted that she might not have said enough “no” to the several assignments that Biden give her. Yet, then again, she clarified that she is used to “multitasking”. 

The data from the polls of the Associated Press acknowledged that most Americans support voter ID laws which requires photo identification before accessing ballot boxes.

The majority of both Democrats and Republicans back up the ID; overall 72% of American voters support asking for photo identification to vote.