Voters Are “Virtually Clueless” of Biden’s Accomplishments

Biden and the Democrat Party were warned that they could face defeat in the 2022 elections if they do not campaign more “aggressively” about Biden’s policies. 

Americans are virtually clueless of the successes of Biden and his agenda

A June strategy memo from super PAC supporting Biden raised serious concerns about the midterm 2022 elections.

According to the information obtained by Politico, the strategy memo says American voters are “virtually clueless” about the successes of the Biden administration so far.

The super PAC also added that Democrats need to boast the expensive $1.9 trillion COVID relief package that Biden signed in March; the PAC also calls Democrats to work harder in selling the infrastructure plans that Biden is trying to push through Congress. 

The group later said that even among voters who view Biden in a more positive light, there is a lack of information about Biden’s accomplishments and his specific agenda. 

During the first midterm election, the party in control in the White House usually doesn’t keep as many seats in Congress. 

At present, Democrats are holding a very small majority in both the House and the Senate; therefore, Republicans are confident that they will gain back their power in Congress come 2022. 

Democrats should communicate their agenda more aggressively and announce their successes

The memo released by the PAC offered a terrible warning to Democrats. It regards their hopes of keeping control of the Congress when the American voters are not even sure about what the president stands for. 

The memo said that unfortunately the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and the other proposals of Biden remain unclear for voters. The proposals are also clouded with misinformation that helps Republicans maintain their opposition. 

The group also added that the Democrat Party should articulate more aggressively the success of the American Rescue Plan. The Biden administration should furthermore explain the importance of the American Jobs Act, as well as American Families Plan.

According to data released by, the country spent around $49 million to help Biden win the presidential election.

The Democrat Party is yet to announce their spending plans for the midterms elections. However, they intend to target specific groups that are vital to the Biden coalition.

Included among them are college educated voters who supported Biden in presidential election, white working class voters, and black American voters who also supported Biden, but are less likely to show support in the midterm elections.

According to the findings of the focus group, so far Biden scored well in his handling of COVID-19 pandemic.

Two of his infrastructure proposals also garnered support. First, came raising the corporate tax rates, due to concerns that big companies are not paying their fair share; secondly, came expanding the child tax credit.