Viral Fight Breaks Out on the Open Border

A migrant is shown fighting arrest by Border Patrol authorities in a video posted by U.S. House candidate Mayra Flores (R-TX).

A Border Patrol officer from the San Diego sector is seen detaining an unnamed immigrant who looks to have entered illegally from Mexico as the video opens.

Sand is all over the migrant, suggesting there may have been fighting. It’s unclear exactly when this occurrence happened.

Shocking Scenes

A second immigrant is fighting against one Border Patrol official as the camera moves toward them. While waiting for assistance, the agent makes an effort to contain the immigrant using a baton.

The immigrant lunges at the agent and punches him.

The migrant keeps trying to attack the first agent as another approaches the altercation. The migrant now concentrates on the second agent.

A third agent comes up behind the guy as he follows the second agent. Running and tackling the immigrant is the third agent. The suspect is then successfully brought into custody by the three agents working together.

On the Mexican side of the border, applauding spectators can be heard encouraging the warring migrant to assault the Border Patrol personnel. As the agents successfully get to grips with the situation, the applause change to jeers.

For further information on this event, Breitbart Texas contacted Flores’ office and the San Diego Border Agents District HQ.

The congressional office did not provide a prompt answer. Officials from Border Patrol replied and informed the public the FBI is in charge of the inquiry into the attack on the agents.

Over the weekend, Border Patrol officials from the Del Rio Sector detained approximately 3,500 migrants who entered Texas unlawfully from Mexico. These crossed into six sizable groups totaling around 1,200. More than 500 more are said to have escaped.

In the country’s busiest Border Patrol district, the Del Rio Sector’s Senior Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens posted a two-part weekend review video highlighting its efforts.

Massive Numbers

3,487 migrants were detained by Del Rio Sector agents over the night, according to Owens. By Monday morning, more than 3,000 people were still being held.

Officials from Border Patrol have designated an additional 529 as known fugitives.

The Del Rio Sector recorded more than 3,400 migrant arrests over the past two weekends. Breitbart Texas cited a tweet from Owens on August 16, indicating the detention of 3,441 migrants.

The chief said over the night, almost 1,200 migrants entered in six sizable groups.

Moving big groups of people across the border is a human smuggling method that uses up a lot of Border Patrol personnel. It can result in extended periods of time without line service providers along the border.

Owes said, “We do have to crumble down some processes momentarily to unwind what we’re holding in custody because individuals in possession put us over our founded capacity.”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.