Violent Driver Runs His S.U.V. into a Christmas Parade, Killing Five People

On Sunday, Darrell E. Brooks, a Milwaukee man, drove his S.U.V into a Christmas parade, killing five people and injuring almost 40 others. Brooks has a history of violent crimes that even led him to jail in the past.

Brooks ignored every warning sign to drive his car into the crowd

The chief of the Waukesha Police Department, Dan Thompson, told the media the ages of those killed range from 52 to 81, while injured people include children as well.

Thompson added that Brooks ignored police warning signs explicitly placed to protect the parade; instead, he drove into the barricades and hence hit people.

The chief police officer further noted another officer tried to stop Brooks by firing shots, but due to the presence of many people, he had no option but to stop shooting.

Brooks has a history of criminal activities; he was released on a $1,000 bail just six days ago for running the same car over his girlfriend at a Milwaukee gas station.

Not only this, but Brooks remained involved in cocaine possession, domestic violence, and resisting arrests over the past 22 years, making him a career criminal.

After the Christmas parade episode, the district attorney’s spokesman said Brooks’ earlier case had the bail limit of “inappropriately low” extent, describing the charges as much greater, compared to the amount of the bail on which he was released.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered condolences to victims’ families, saying the president is in continuous touch with updates, regarding the tragedy.

A violent driver turned the Christmas parade into a mourning event 

The night was going to be a memorable one for the Waukesha community, as various groups, including dance bands, politicians, and high school groups, gathered for a Christmas parade. However, many of these people ended up being the victims of the tragedy.

Shawn Reilly, Waukusha’s mayor, expressed his disbelief on the accident, saying the community gathered for celebration did not deserve this.

Children’s Wisconsin officials said injured people also included three sets of siblings. Likewise, they added out of 18 children coming to the hospital, six were in a critical situation, while three of them were in serious condition.

Another hospital named Aurora Medical Center Summit said three out of 13 patients coming their way were in critical condition.

With a theme of “comfort and joy,” Waukesha was organizing its 58th Christmas parade, an event canceled last year, due to the pandemic.

Among the people who died were three members of a dancing group for grandmothers named Dancing Grannies. The group has been involved in dancing at local parties for four decades. It is now mourning the death of their three grannies in the accident.

Ryan Windorff, the president of the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, told Fox News the interviews of the eyewitnesses would be taken. Windorff also said the footage from the bystanders’ cameras will be seen by the police now to make a case against the accused.

He further noted law enforcement agencies will not only study the on-day activities, but will try to dig deeper to find the rationale behind the tragedy.