VIDEO: Pfizer Employee Goes Berserk After Being Busted By Undercover Reporter

Project Veritas is an investigative news outlet. They are run by James O’Keefe, one of the few reporters left who actually asks tough questions and tries to find out the truth for himself.

Unlike the talking heads on our cable outlets or the chirping parrots in the White House Press room, Veritas digs deeper and shoots undercover videos of insiders who are doing things they shouldn’t be.

Their latest target was a high-up employee at Pfizer named Jordon Walker, who’s highly involved in researching and developing vaccines, according to his professional role at Pfizer.

What Happened?

Walker believed he was out on a date with another man, but he was actually being filmed as he went into disturbing and bizarre detail about Pfizer’s attempts to “mutate” the COVID virus and come up with other vaccines to make money.

“It’s bad for America” he admitted, laughing gleefully.

Whereas then Walker got very bad news, himself. He found out he’d just been stung. Not only was his career over, but he had just said some of the worst things ever said by a pharmaceutical insider ever caught on tape.

That’s when Walker went absolutely berserk.

Walker Goes Wacko

In video footage that’s been released by Veritas, we see O’Keefe attempt to confront Walker in the pizza restaurant where he believed he’d been on a date.

Walker is stunned and says he has no idea what’s going on. He then quickly shifts into a frantic meltdown, accusing Veritas of criminal activity in filming him, and shouting about how he’d been lying about the “mutating” anyway.

In the nearly 10 minutes of footage, we see Walker repeatedly try to call police, complain to restaurant staff, and then physically grab the iPad with footage out of O’Keefe’s hands, scrambling on the floor.

This is when a fight starts between Walker and the Veritas camera guy.

O’Keefe and crew try to leave the restaurant repeatedly, but Walker demands they stay, despite having told them to leave several times. That’s when things reach a whole new level of weirdness.

Walker Chases Random SUV

After Veritas already left, they talk to police, who confirm that Walker would have been arrested for trying to attack them if they were still on the premises. Veritas then leaves the scene, driving away.

However, one of their assets is still watching from the ground and manages to film the incredibly dangerous and bizarre scene of Walker running out in front of an SUV and screaming at them to stop.

He believes they are the Veritas crew trying to drive away, but it’s actually just completely unrelated motorists driving a vehicle. The desperation of this Pfizer man is something to see, that’s for sure…

The Bottom Line

Did Walker lie? It’s more likely he referred to strange experiments going on at Pfizer, experiments we all deserve to know a lot more about.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.