Vice President Pence: The Yin to the President’s Yang

"Vice President Pence Arrives in Illinois" (public domain) by The White House

Vice President Mike Pence has been known to be the yin to the President’s yang as he plays the part of being the reserved and courteous one while the President goes more into an unorthodox approach. 

The Vice President, Mike Pence, was known as religious and calm and has served as the pillar of stability in the current administration. In the past few months, he overlooked the top officials and had been a steady campaigner over the past few weeks with the election coming.

“President Trump Delivers Remarks” (public domain) by The White House

Over the past four years, Mike Pence had balanced the President’s character as he is often characterized as a loyal deputy. He had never expressed disagreement with the President in public, and rumors suggest that he is often called in to smooth things out in private. 

Mike Pence is a lawyer by training and worked as a radio talk show host. He also served the Congress for 12 years and was chosen from his post as an Indiana governor by President Trump. 

Other than his proven track record in politics, educational background, and calm demeanor, the 61-year-old Vice President also brought credibility to the people as a traditional evangelical Christian who appeals to church-going Americans and farm-belt conservatives.

While President Trump flouts Tradition, Vice President Pence is deeply religious. 

Moreover, the Vice President is known to be one of those who is staunchly anti-abortion. In relation to this, he signed into law some of the country’s strictest restrictions on terminating pregnancies while he was still sitting as Indiana’s governor. 

Vice President Pence was quoted saying, “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,”

To add more contrast to the characters of the Trump-Pence tandem, Mike Pence is known for his self-imposed restriction on being along with women other than his wife. Meanwhile, President Trump, on the other hand, is known publicly as someone who had three wives and many more girlfriends. 

In one instance, President Trump’s former aide, Steve Bannon, told the New Yorker, “Trump’s got the populist nationalists. But Pence is the base. Without Pence, you don’t win.”

After the Trump-Pence tandem won the seats, Mike Pence let Trump hold the entire stage and be in the spotlight as he toiled quietly on high-level jobs such as undertaking significant diplomatic missions and liaising with Congress and Republicans.

“Vice President Pence in Iraq” (public domain) by The White House

In his early trips to Asia and Europe, the Vice President also prepared the stage for President Trump’s policy resets. He reassured the country’s allies who were worried about President Trump’s threats. 

One of his highest-profile moment was how he handled the vice presidential debate against Kamala Harris. It was a civil showdown in its own way. However, what happened to be one of the best-handled debate is now remembered for the fly that landed in the Vice President’s perfectly brushed white hair. 

Trump and Pence: the odd couple that stuck together

Vice President Pence had remained a team player throughout his term, he never betrayed difference with the President, nor he ever promoted himself alone.

“President Trump Participates in a Roundtable” (public domain) by The White Hosue

However, earlier this year, there were speculations that President Trump would replace Vice President Pence with a different running mate who could excite more voters, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. 

Yet still, in the end, the odd couple stuck with each other in another race win and another term to serve side by side. 

Vice President Pence campaign trail before election day

Last Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Boone to attend a Sunday service worship at Alliance Bible Fellowship. According to Trump Campaign, the Vice President attended the Sunday service with Rev. Franklin Graham before heading back to Washington D.C.

Other than attending his Sunday service worship, the Vice President also included in his schedule an appeal to voters to reelect Senator Thom Tillis. Thom Tillis is the GOP incumbent who is currently involved in a tight race with the Democratic nominee Cal Cunningham.

In Kinston last week, the second lady, Karen Pence also joined her husband on the campaign trail as they made frequent campaign stops in North Carolina this month.