Utah Police Shoot Man During Traffic Stop

In Utah, during a traffic stop, police shot a man multiple times. It appears he may have been connected to the movement for sovereign citizens.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation claims this group thinks it is separate from the United States and is not required to obey any laws or regulations.

Utah traffic stop ends in the death

Chase Allan, 25, was stopped by Farmington, Utah police on March 2 in the late afternoon for having an invalid license plate on the BMW he was driving.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Police Chief Eric Johnsen disclosed that during the traffic stop, Chase Allan refused to provide identification or cooperate with the officer. After numerous denials, Allan produced his passport.

Four additional officers arrived at the scene after the officer who initially detained Allan called for backup. The police were unsuccessful in persuading Allan to exit the vehicle voluntarily. An officer eventually opened the car door to physically remove him from the vehicle.

As one officer tried to directly remove Allan from the vehicle, the following officer yelled “gun!”

According to footage captured by a body camera, multiple shots were then fired at Allan. The police stated Allan had a holster concealed beneath his jacket, which they observed moving just prior to the gunshots.

Allan received medical aid from responding officers, but he was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Potential ties between Chase Allan and the Sovereign Citizen Movement

Neama Rahmani, a former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted members of the Sovereign Citizen Movement, asserts that Chase Allan’s behavior suggests he is affiliated with the group.

Rahmani cited Allan’s use of a counterfeit license plate and refusal to provide identification, stating, “If you require my identification, you will be responding under duress. You will be liable for agreeing to surety and trusteeship over it, as well as any liabilities you attempt to incur.”

According to Rahmani, members of the Sovereign Citizen Movement believe the federal government’s authority is invalid and the government only has power because individuals consent to it voluntarily or involuntarily. Therefore, they refuse to participate in anything associated with the federal government.

This was not the first time Allan interacted with law enforcement. He was present in a Davis County, Utah courtroom on September 21, 2022 with his mother, who was contesting a citation for driving with invalid license plates.

During the hearing, a bailiff entered the courtroom and informed Allan that an arrest warrant had been issued for him.

Allan interrogated the bailiff, requesting proof and probable cause. He then began to scream he was being assaulted, calling it treason.

Allan refused to comply when asked, prompting his mother to call 911 and report an assault. She claimed their rights were violated and they were coerced into doing things against their will.