US Military Supplies Resources to Hosting Drag Shows For ‘Equity and Inclusion’

(Drag performer Joshua Kelly's Instagram page)

The US military, particularly the US Air Force, is now hosting drag shows and dedicating its resources to them for the benefit of made-up ideals of “inclusion” and “equity.”

A Wholesome ‘Family-Friendly’ Experience?

Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) held on July 30 a Summer Festival on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” and billed it as a “family-friendly” event, The Daily Wire reported.

The event featured in its program a drag show performed by Joshua Kelly, also known as Harpy Daniels.

According to the report, the “family-friendly” drag festival was invented by the “Breaking Barriers Alliance” at the JBLE. This is a group of volunteers under the “Diversity and Inclusion” Office at the military base.

A spokesman from the base is quoted as saying at least one senior military officer, namely Col. Gregory Beaulieu, commander of the installation, approved both the holding of the event itself and the use of the base resources for it.

Besides the drag show, the festival also included “other” fun activities, such as face painting for children and cultural groups’ performances.

In the statement JBLE sent to The Daily Wire, it said the entire event was all about “celebrating differences” so every service member and civilian “feels valued.”

It revealed all performers are volunteers. The military base itself helped the drag-featuring festival with funding for “logistics,” such as tents, chairs, tables, stages, and so on.

(Wikipedia photo of JBLE)

Joining the Navy to Be a Drag Queen?

JBLE advertised the event by sending out a mass email, plus the use of public promotion opportunities it had at hand. It was presented as an event suitable for families.

One person from the base, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, was furious about the drag show, saying the festival was “hyper-sexualized” and completely “inappropriate for children.”

Interestingly, the drag performer, Joshua Kelly, doesn’t exactly seem to be interested in serving in the US military. He is apparently just after the cash the job offers so he can be in touch with his “feminine side.”

In an interview he gave to the Navy Times in 2018, he revealed he joined the US Navy in 2016 only so he could get a steady income for funding his “drag hobby.”

He also explained how his drag performances bring out his “diversity and creativity” and a “face of art.”

His Instagram page is reported to show numerous photos of him as a drag queen, which are either nude or “heavily sexualized.”

The drag show at JBLE comes at a time when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has just taken administrative action against a bar in Miami offering drag shows for families and very young children after scandalous footage emerged.

The U.S. Air Force has had an Office of Diversity and Inclusion since January 2021, roughly the time when Joe Biden occupied the White House.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.