US Chief Justice Asks Court to Maintain Ethics

John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, demanded more judicial independence in his end of the year report, amid liberals’ calls for packing the court.

John Roberts advised judges to pursue integrity

The chief justice noted in the report the judiciary has the capability of managing its internal affairs, which is enough to reduce political influence in the judicial sector.

Likewise, Roberts wrote the separation of judiciary from Congress is needed to maintain public trust in the court. Chief Justice John Roberts also advised US courts, writing the courts have to make sure they comply with fundamental working ethics.

These ethics included barring judges from taking the cases in which they have vested financial interests, the chief justice mentioned.

A Wall Street Journal’s investigation recently concluded between 2010 to 2018, 131 federal judges gave their verdicts in cases that involved companies in which they or their families owned stocks.

Although Roberts accepted the number of such cases is extremely small and merely constitutes a small fraction of the total cases, he said this matter should be taken seriously.

According to the chief justice, the ethics policies of US courts could be improved by relying on updated technology systems and training individuals in a better fashion.

Roberts acknowledges the court’s internal problems

The timing of the report is crucial.

The court expansion and the criticism of the federal judiciary as a whole is the talk of the town these days, especially amid the backdrop of the court hearing the Roe vs. Wade abortion case.

Recently, many liberal lawmakers, including Congresswoman AOC and Senator Elizebeth Warren, raised their voices to expand the Supreme Court in order to protect the rights of pro-choice groups in the abortion case.

The Supreme Court has been receiving a lot of criticism lately from the general public; 53 percent of Americans are not happy with the workings of the court, as per a Gallup poll of September.

Similarly, almost 57 percent of Americans believe the US Supreme Court tilts towards a specific political ideology, oftentimes.

An executive director of a nonprofit group Fox the Court, Gabe Roth, indicated the chief justice is facing a herculean task, as he is acknowledging the internal challenges of the court.

He mentioned while the chief justice is aware of courts’ problems, he wants to solve them internally.

However, Roth disagreed with John Roberts on his recommendation Congress should not interfere in courts’ matters, noting the legislature has the right to do so, as per the separation of powers doctrine.

While Justice Roberts did not mention expanding the Supreme Court or imposing term limits on justices, he lauded former Chief Justice William Howard Taft’s efforts.

Taft believed criticism against courts was inevitable and should not be stopped.