US Border Czar Making the Worst Mess of Her Life

President Joe Biden asked Vice President Kamala Harris to tackle the rising mess at the US southern border over a year ago. However, as the border crisis has become a routine matter, Harris is nowhere to be seen.

“Border Czar” Harris Messed Up the US Border

In March 2021, Biden mandated Harris to hold high-level diplomatic talks with different countries to solve the “root causes” of immigration.

Included in those countries were Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Harris’ inability to deal with such a mess earned her the title of “the border czar.”

Amid these crises, the Biden administration argued his predecessor Donald Trump’s policies of shutting down legal pathways triggered illegal immigration.

Right after getting the assignment, Harris fled to Mexico and Guatemala, where she discussed the US investment in various avenues. However, she did not discuss Mexico’s refusal to stop families from entering the US illegally.

Once she visited the southern border last June after much political pressure, Harris claimed the administration made “extreme progress” in dealing with the crisis.

This border visit of Harris in June 2021 was the last time she seemed worried about the border. Since then, the border has been unattended by top Biden administrators, even though the crisis is mounting at an unprecedented rate.

In August last year, Harris mentioned the US border crisis two times in her small press briefings; no mention of the chaos has been made since then.

Harris Abandoned US Border 

Even though the vice president visited Honduras in January this year and met with newly elected President Xiomara Castro, the US border crisis was not on the agenda.

Similarly, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammatei told Fox News in January that he had not heard about the US border crisis from Harris since June last year.

Even the office of the vice president has not responded to the Fox News inquiry about any future visit of Harris to the US southern border.

This lack of movement of Harris came into the spotlight, especially during the recent visit of first lady Jill Biden to Central America.

As the first lady would go to countries like Panama, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, Harris did not accompany her, suggesting Biden does not trust her anymore for the all-important job.

The visit of Jill Biden to the troubled countries is coming against the backdrop of a high illegal immigrant influx; over 234,000 migrant encounters happened last month alone.

Although a federal court stopped the administration from ending Title 42 for the time being, once this measure ends, the influx is likely to intensify massively.

According to Republican National Committee spokesperson Nicole Morales, both Biden and border czar Harris worsened the border crisis during their tenure.

These days, Kamala Harris is only attending events in which she can fake her dwindling poll numbers, Morales added.