Uncounted Mail-In Ballots Collected after Result Had Been Called

"Kentucky National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

On Wednesday night, Trump tweeted and retweeted several voter fraud claims as he targeted Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

Trump doubled down his allegations of voter fraud last Wednesday night as he claimed that he had now received “73 million legal votes.”

In addition to this, the President also claimed that he won Pennsylvania and Michigan. He also shared a video showing ballots that were being collected a day after Election Day in California. 

He then said that these hundreds of thousands of votes should not be allowed to be counted, saying that he easily won both states. He also called out the media, tweeting “Report the News!” referring to how he should have won in both states. 

Later in the night, President Trump retweeted the GOP’s Philadelphia branch, which claimed that voters in Allentown received blank ballots. He then called anyone who received one of these to get in touch with them.

Trump also tweeted that “he had easily won” both Michigan and Pennsylvania by saying that there were hundreds of thousands of votes that should be discredited because there were GOP poll watchers that were prevented from watching the ballot counting. 

The President wrote, “Nobody wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t allow our Poll Watchers and/or Vote Observers to Watch or Observe.”

He also retweeted his son Eric with a post of an unverified Philadelphia counting center image showing a “No Entry” list, which allegedly includes the name of Corey Lewandowski, Trump campaign advisor.

Kayleigh McEnany’s fresh allegations of voter fraud

Kayleigh McEnany also set forth new allegations of voter fraud in her third appearance in Hannity.

Last Thursday night, she claimed that voters were placed in separate voting systems in some parts of Pennsylvania, and voters were segregated depending on whether they are from red or blue counties.

McEnany then alleged that these separate voting systems have led to “tens of thousands of ballots” improperly counted. She then showed three binders of documents which contains sworn statements from GOP poll watchers. 

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign celebrated a small win after a Pennsylvania judge ruled that some ballots should be invalidated. These ballots refer to those votes which were invalidated because they missed their deadline to validate their IDs. 

McEnany then alleged that these voting rules in Pennsylvania violated a fundamental right of equal protection. She was quoted saying, “Voting is a fundamental right, and that means there have to be uniform standards throughout the state of Pennsylvania, but what we saw here and we have the evidence to prove it is this, there was one system for Democrat counties, there was another system for Republican counties.”

“Kayleigh McEnany” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

McEnany said voters in Democrat labeled counties were given instructions that if their ballots were canceled, they would have the chance to “fix it” in advance. Compared to voters in Republican counties who will only learn that their votes were canceled after the voting deadline has passed. 

Moreover, McEnany also claimed that in Democrat counties, voters were contacted to inform them that their ballot had been canceled, and they need to come to fix it. 

In different allegation, the White House Press Secretary also said that there were votes cast with missing signatures, dates, and addresses, which were counted for Biden. 

She claimed that these ballots that have missing signatures, dates, and addresses should be invalidated and should not have been counted.

She told Hannity, “I have three binders. These are court filings and affidavits – they are startling Sean.”