Unchecked MSNBC Guest Grants Israel “The Right To Defend Itself”

"Politicon 2018" Public domain by Luke Harold

A segment that was supposedly focused on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian quickly turned into criticisms against the Jewish State, as guests compare Israel’s response to Hamas attacks as “killings of African-American during Jim Crow era.”

MSNBC host and left-wing supporter, Joy Reid, allowed this guest to go uncensored as he slams “bromides” that grant Israel “the right to defend itself.” According to the guest instead, Palestinians must defend themselves from the Jews.

Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University’s Professor of Modern Arab Studies, said to Reid that the media is now beginning to display both sides to the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Analysis of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Professor Khalidi added that social media is doing things “you all are not willing or able to do.” In addition to this he also mentioned that the pictures circulated on social media, they cannot unsee.

The professor added that there are “changes happening.” He mentioned matters like the Tulsa riots and like Black Lives Matter. The professor said that these are “seen as connected” by a very great amount of people. He said this includes not just Democrats, but also young people across the United States.

The professor added that he thinks these events are happening not only in the United States. 

Moreover, Khalidi added that he believes that people are moving in the direction of understanding many of these bromides. He said, “Israel has the right to defend itself….’ do Palestinians have the right to defend themselves?”

The Professor then continued saying that the most insecure people in Palestine and Israel are Palestinians. He said that if people are people and that the society believes in human rights, which America stands for, then the kinds of things we “expect for ourselves, we should expect for people, not just in Israel but also in Palestine.”

The host nodded along before insisting that they are even seeing Jewish organizations characterizing themselves Israel as apartheid. Which only a small number of people would be willing to say publicly. 

Reid said, “I wonder, does that end up moving?” She then asked if the Israeli Prime Minister “has a political interest” in putting off a cease-fire since this might let him get “past his corruption issues and keeping prime minister.”

Israeli Prime Ministers to Continue Movements Against Hamas

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue its movements against Hamas “until its aim is met.” This statement was made on Wednesday, despite Biden calling him earlier. 

“Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, State of Israel” (CC BY 2.0) by Chatham House

On Wednesday, Biden called the Israeli Prime Minister saying he expects, “a significant de-escalation today on the path to a cease-fire.”

However, Netanyahu merely acknowledge the remarks that Biden made. The Israeli Prime Minister said he “greatly appreciates the support of the American president.” However, Israel will continue targeting Palestinian terror group in order to “return the calm and security to you, citizens of Israel.”