Unbelievable Number of Illegal Immigrants Are Invading US on Biden’s Watch

Almost 2.4 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended after invading the national territory of the United States of America in the 2022 fiscal year, according to the finalized federal government data.

Unimaginable Record in the History of the United States

Already in July-August, it became clear the total number of illegal immigrant invaders of the United States surpassed five million since Biden got into office.

The undeclared, but apparently official, policy of No Border Joe, his border-point person veep Kamala Harris, and the entire far-left, woke administration is to practically allow any third-world person to settle at will inside the United States.

However, the latest figures from US Customs and Border Protection seem to be even worse than anticipated, bringing the FY 2022 total to almost 2.4 million – and only for those illegals who did get apprehended.

Exactly 2,378,944 illegal immigrants were intercepted and detained by American border agents between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022, according to the latest figures released by the US Border Patrol late on Friday.

The number in question is an absolute record in the entire history of the United States, whose own authorities are voluntarily allowing the nation to be invaded by millions upon millions of foreigners.

Democrat-Lauded Dictatorships Sending More Invaders

The final figure for FY 2022 was formed by adding up the illegal immigrant invasion numbers for September, its last month, when Border Patrol agents performed a total of 227,547 apprehensions of illegal invaders only last month.

The apprehensions are referred to as “migrant encounters” under the “politically correct” language of the federal government.

The “encounters” do not factor in hundreds of thousands of gotaways who had to make their way into the United States “unencountered,” solely courtesy of the human trafficking skills of the Mexican drug cartels.

The increase on Biden’s watch is staggering, considering how there were only 52,000 migrant apprehensions in September 2019 and 58,000 in September 2020 when Trump was the president of the United States.

The latest surge in the number of illegal immigrant invaders waltzing straight into the United States is deemed to be at least partly driven by the all-out societal, economic collapses of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

All three of these Latin American countries have been ruled for decades by brutal communist regimes, which have been praised time and again by progressive Democrats and other US Marxist-Communist lefties.

To top it all off, the Biden administration has been trying to end the Title 42 policy, allowing illegals to be legally expelled from the US on public health grounds, a regulation adopted under President Trump in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though Title 42 has been kept alive by federal court rulings, there have been reports that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has started to enforce it less and less, including with cases of releasing COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants inside the United States.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.