Ukrainian Rocket Assault Allegedly Kills 63 Russian Soldiers

Ukrainian forces launched missiles at a base near Donetsk where Russian soldiers are based, killing 63 of the soldiers, according to Russia’s Defense Department on Monday.

This was one of the worst assaults on the Kremlin’s forces since the conflict began almost ten months earlier.

U.S. Supplied Weapons Aid Ukraine

Two of the six missiles fired by Ukrainian forces using a HIMARS propulsion system were intercepted, according to a defense ministry report. It was not specified when the strikes occurred.

Being able to access a U.S.-supplied accurate weaponry system crucial in allowing Ukrainian forces to hit important targets, the assault dealt a new defeat to Russia, which has been reeling from a Ukrainian military campaign in the last few months.

As per Dmitry Azarov, the governor of Russia’s Samara district, an unidentified amount of Samara citizens were among the people slain and injured in the attack on Makiivka.

According to Russian military writers, whose intelligence has been mainly trustworthy throughout the conflict, ammunition stockpiled adjacent to the plant burst during the strike, resulting in a large number of deaths.

An official with the Russian-appointed government in Russian-occupied Donetsk, Daniil Bezsonov, demanded the prosecution of military leaders who authorized the stationing of a significant number of soldiers at the site.

On Monday, the Ukrainian military seemed to confirm the incident, with the General Staff acknowledging Makiivka was attacked on December 31, stating ten Russian military trucks were blown up or damaged.

In addition, the loss of Russian servicemen is still being investigated.

In a report that couldn’t be reliably corroborated, the Strategic Communications Directorate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces asserted on Sunday that approximately 400 deployed Russian troops were killed and another 300 were injured in a Makiivka technical college.

The Russian statement remarked the attack took place in the vicinity of Makiivka, but did not name the vocational school.

Similarly, Russia employed multiple explosive drones in another nocturnal strike on Ukraine, authorities reported on Monday.

The Kremlin revealed no change in its policy of targeting the nation’s power stations and wearing down Ukrainian opposition to its incursion.

The bombardment was the most recent in a string of brutal year-end assaults, such as one that managed to kill three residents on December 31.

On Monday, Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, stated 40 drones went for Kyiv during the night. As per air defense forces, all of them had been eliminated.

Russia Continues to Attack

Klitschko stated 22 drones were shot down above Kiev, along with three in the suburbs and 15 over surrounding regions.

The assault created havoc to power services and facilities; an accident happened in one city sector, according to the mayor.

It was first unclear whether this was the result of drones or other weapons. An injured 19-year-old guy was admitted to the hospital, Klitschko said, and the city was experiencing severe power cuts.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.